10 thoughts on “New Obama campaign poster!

  1. Careful, careful. They guy who created that Obhammud “Hope” (a four-letter word) poster has been sentenced to two years probation for bootlegging the image from an AP (American Pravda) copyrighted photo and then creatng false documents to clear himself. Do the tentacles of larceny NOT pentrate any facet of this counterfeit Narcissist-in-Chief?

  2. Blue skies, Forward! Perfect visual metaphor for the Obama campaign. He did not change course or even slightly deviate from his original 2008 campaign…athough it is obvious that his ideas did not work. He is also in fantasy land if he thinks that Republicans will suddenly, magically agree with his positions if he is reelected. Deluded and sailing off the cliff to oblivion. Good riddance and DLTDHYOTWO!

  3. Wouldn’t be as impressive without a ragtop, Kate, and besides, I personally think it’s very symbolic of the old, old car (policies) the jackasses (and the Prez in specific) are taking over the cliff.

    Talk about wanting to go back to the same, failed policies of the past!

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