Mitt Romney pays his own way… and tips well, too!

Posted by: Phineas on October 6, 2012 at 9:26 pm

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After a campaign stop in Florida, Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, had a craving for Cuban food, so they stopped for takeout at La Teresita in St. Petersburg (1). The staff didn’t want to let them pay, but the Romneys wouldn’t hear of it:

Mitt Romney is believed to have amassed a fortune of more than $200million from his career as a private equity boss.

So he can certainly afford to pay for his own takeout food as he travels around America on the campaign trail.

And when the Republican presidential candidate visited a Cuban diner in Florida yesterday, he insisted on being treated like an average customer.


During the unscheduled visit, the couple picked up some pastries and a serving of soup.

The restaurant staff refused to allow the multi-millionaire to pay for his order – but Mr Romney eventually prevailed, leaving a $40 tip.

Contrast that with a certain other candidate who, um… “forgot” to pay.

Good move all around on the Romney’s part: not only does he have to woo Cuban-Americans to win Florida’s electoral votes, not only do they see that the multi-millionaire pays like anyone else, but Cuban food is also good. I love Cubano sandwiches. Throw in some fried plantains and lemonade and I’m one happy blogger.

And, of course, no candidate can go without posing with babies:

(Courtesy Daily Mail)


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(1) The article says St. Petersburg, but the Web says Tampa. Judging from the photos, I think I have the right web site…

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5 Responses to “Mitt Romney pays his own way… and tips well, too!”


  1. Those who bother to study the candidates use instances of decency like this as their frame of reference and not some sappy ad from their garbage man whom they do not hug on a regular basis or whatever. After all the negative ads Obhammud’s campaign has run about Romney, all he had to do was show up at the debate without horns and his case was made.

  2. GrumpyOne says:

    For the first time in years, the dumbed down American public has a chance to elect a truly qualified team to get this country back in order.

    I’m voting to evict the current mob from Chicago…

  3. Great White Rat says:

    It all comes down to one word: character.

    Romney is someone who is used to pulling his own weight and paying his own bills. Obama is used to having all doors opened for him – whether it be in adademia or politics – without exerting any effort, because he thinks everything is owed to him. In his narcissistic mind, the rest of the world is supposed to gaze at him in awe and pick up the tab for anything he wants.

    But character goes deeper than than just doing your part. Character also involves how you view others and what you do for others.

    Think back just a few weeks to the GOP convention. You had two parents tell the story of the 14-year-old boy with terminal lymphoma, and how Romney made time to visit him often, and at the boy’s request, helped him write a will so his possessions, like his skateboard, would go to the right friends. You had a mother tell of the support the entire Romney family gave her when her daughter was born premature. When the infant faced brain surgery late in the year, the Romneys volunteered baby-sitting for the other children and prepared a full Thankgiving dinner for the burdened family.

    This is another story that wasn’t told at the convention: when the daughter of one of Romney’s associates at Bain went missing in New York City, Romney shut down the firm – profits be damned – in order to lead a search for the girl. He flew anyone who volunteered to help to NYC, hired a private detective firm, set up a toll-free number for tips, coordinated with the NYPD, reached out to everyone Bain did business with in NY to get help, and stayed on the case until the girl was found a week later.

    All that, of course, is in addition to the millions of dollars Romney has been giving in charity every year. Obama, in contrast, though a millionaire himself, never gave much at all until he was on the national political scene. Even the Huffington Post reports that until 2004, this millionaire never gave more than $3500 annually to charity. The Obamas’ donation to others averaged only about 1%. Hell, I make only a fraction of what Obama did, and even I gave more than that.

    Ted Opanowski, the father of the dying boy, put it best:

    You cannot measure a man’s character based on words he utters before adoring crowds during happy times. The true measure of a man is revealed in his actions during times of trouble. The quiet hospital room of a dying boy, with no cameras and no reporters – that is the time to make an assessment.

    How true.

    Apologies for the length….rant over.

  4. Jim McDonald says:

    I seem to remember hillary stiffing a waitress in the 2007 runup.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Great White Rat: Mr. Opanowski’s quote is exactly correct.

    I remember pics of Pres. Bush (the hated, horrible, evil BOOOSH) at airports going to welcome our military men and women back home with no press coverage.

    Could you imagine the current idiot in chief doing that? I mean really. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Romney/Ryan 2012

    Let the nightmare of the last 4 years be over!!!