(Video) “He’s only had four years”

Posted by: Phineas on October 21, 2012 at 8:29 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Another good ad from the Romney campaign, contrasting Governor Romney’s record of accomplishment over his four year term with President Obama’s in his. I think it’s especially effecting when comparing Romney’s ability to work with an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature in Massachusetts to Obama’s utter failure to work in any meaningful way with the Republican House:

PS: Romney-Ryan 2012, because it would be dumb to give another four years to the guy who wasted the first four.

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6 Responses to “(Video) “He’s only had four years””


  1. Dorothy Palmer says:

    The Kenyan prince was out to destroy America. He hates whites and Jews, and they are the economic backbone of the land. He has savaged black ppl, who will vote for him b/c they think he is “one of us, and not the cracker.” The Kenyan needs to take one for lady Liberty so we can go on with living. Americans need to ask themselves how they could have been so *&(*ing ignorant to have been taken in by this demon-possessed born out of wedlock pathological liar. Some say he is the Divine’s punishment on this country for all the abortions. I don’t know if that has any ring of truth to it, but I do know Americans have not gotten much smarter since they were taken in by this black jesus. John McCain deserves an enormous amount of blame for how he let this fraud get away with his past in campaign ’08 (but they were going to go after McCain’s wife’s vicodin abuse, and so that blackmailed him), as does Palin. She did next to nothing to expose this mulatto for what he really is. She has a duaghter who could not keep her legs crossed, and this made it hard for Miss Sarah to go after the Kenyan and wanr American what his actual plans were– destroy the cracker, break him, bring him to his knees, and make the muslim black jesus lord and master of all.

  2. The contrasts in the style of each’s respective campaigns for the Presidency have never been sharper. Obhammud resorts to outright slanderous and dishonest smears (murdering of wives, class warfare, etc.) and vapid trivialities (Big Bird and binders) which disgust the voters possessive of any degree of discernment. All Romney has to do is remind voters of the truth about Obhammud.

  3. RoadieFan says:

    THAT is an excellent ad!!!!

  4. Carlos says:

    Just curious: Why aren’t the Repubs running an ad showing Duh-1 blowing them off in one of the first meetings with congressional leadership by saying something along the line of “I won, so shut up!”?

    That, to me, tells more about his willingness to work across the aisle than anything else.