Dear California voters: you were played for suckers

Posted by: Phineas on November 9, 2012 at 1:44 pm

**Posted by Phineas

And it worked:

Cal State to consider new student fees

California State University is seeking to impose a series of new fees next fall designed to encourage students to graduate faster and free up thousands of more classroom seats.

The proposals were unveiled Thursday, only two days after the passage of Proposition 30, a tax measure that allowed the university to rescind a $249 per semester tuition increase that took effect in the fall. Voter approval of the tax measure means the university will avoid an additional $250-million mid-year funding cut.

But officials said the new fees are designed not primarily to generate revenue but to change student behaviors that have clogged the pathway to degrees and delayed new admissions, problems that have only been exacerbated by budget cuts.

Horse manure.

Proposition 30 was sold to the voters as the only way to save our schools and university from crippling budget cuts (1), and so the already over-taxed California voters agreed to “temporary” income and sales tax increases to fend them off. But –and, O! What a shock it is!– Cal State says that won’t be enough and they need to raise fees on students. Just as they threatened to do without a tax increase!

Like I said, the given reasons for the new fees are horse manure. If they have so-called super-seniors hanging around taking way more units than they need to graduate, then enforce the limits on units and automatically graduate them. Congratulations, here’s your diploma, now go away. Problem solved.

Too many people retaking classes? Ban the practice, or maybe let them do it once if they received a D or lower, and that’s all. In other words, you have rules to control the problem, enforce them. You don’t have the rules? Make them.

But don’t say you’re going to raise fees two days after getting the tax increase you asked for to avoid raising fees.

This is about more than the idiotic, scandal-plagued administration of California’s Plan B university system. Proposition 30 was the latest in a long line of measures in which the state pretends to be Lucy with the football and asks us to kick it. Only this time we fell for it. More money will be taken from the “evil rich” (those who create jobs), more of whom will now leave the state, and the rest of us will pay higher sales taxes, all to support bloated university administrations (Don’t think University of California isn’t dreaming of something similar) and way-too-generous teacher pension systems.

And education won’t get a penny’s-worth better.

But, hey! The taxes are only temporary! And would you like to buy some beachfront property in the Mojave desert, too? Real cheap!

I guarantee it: When the expiration of these tax increases approaches, the legislature and the universities and the teachers union will go hat in hand to the public to beg for an extension, because any cuts in spending (or decreases in the rate of increase in spending) would be cruel, unbearable, and crippling to California’s future. And commercials will be full of children asking you vote “yes” and playing the “Absolute Moral Authority of Children” card. You don’t hate the children, do you? Besides, they promise this will be only a temporary extension…


(1) Truth is, the “threat” was engineered by the governor and the legislature to blackmail the voter. It’s a trick they pull again and again.

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11 Responses to “Dear California voters: you were played for suckers”


  1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    I guarantee it: When the expiration of these tax increases approaches, the legislature and the universities and the teachers union will go hat in hand to the public to beg for an extension, because any cuts in spending (or decreases in the rate of increase in spending) would be cruel, unbearable, and crippling to California’s future.

    I wonder if the “temporary” tax increases were written in a way that it would actually take a vote by the Legislature to get rid of them rather than automatically expire. You know the MSM/DNC axis will play along and call them “temporary”. Plus they can blame the Republicans for any negative fallout, which is their standard fallback position on any given issue.

    Democrats are well-practiced in writing laws that proport to be one thing but are actually another.

  2. Most Californians are morons, but of course that can now be said of most American voters.

  3. Bystander says:

    Arizona enacted a “temporary” sales tax increase a few years ago. This year, the state put a referendum on the ballot to extend the tax, with all the typical “it’s for the children” b.s.

    The attempt to extend the tax failed at the polls, by a large margin. Thank goodness some voters pay attention!

  4. Carlos says:

    Californians were played for suckers when they elected Pat Brown as guvner back in the ’60s, and except for possibly when Sir Ronaldus Magnus was guvner, have been headed out in that pasture at mach speed ever since.

    To paraphrase, there’s fools, damned fools, and Californians. I just wish there was a way to keep all them fools from infecting other states.

  5. Steve Skubinna says:

    Glad I got my BA from UCSD while it was cheap. Of course, that was over 30 years ago so it’s probably not worth anything anymore.

    On the other hand, who gives a rodent’s nether regions where my degree came from way back then anyway?

    Enjoy the ride, suckers. Circling the toilet is probably a lot like riding the TIlt-A-Whirl in a waterpark. Plus, you can now get legally stoned while doing it. And marry your boyfriend at the same time. Sweeeeet! If you’re a female type individual you can marry your girlfriend while stoned, so it’s cool however you roll.

    Ando Warhol was wrong. In the future, we all get to be Asthon Kutcher for 15 minutes. And the future is now, baby!

  6. CaMom says:

    One of the things I hate about living in California is that I get lumped in as ‘A Californian’ with the actual morons who voted this kind of garbage in!!!! My county voted overwhelmingly Republican/no tax increases/less power to the unions – Unfortunately, the big voices in the larger counties shout louder, and the people fell in line and voted the crap into being.

  7. Cube says:

    Governments pull this trick again and again because the voters let them get away with it. Politicians can get away with virtually anything if it’s “for the children” because nobody wants to take the crap that comes along with explaining how the proposed scheme doesn’t work in the real world. Emotions trump reasoning and the cycle continues.

    On the other hand, most people don’t pay enough attention to know where the higher taxes are coming from, so it’s all good for the politicians. Until there’s no more money to get, then it sucks.

  8. Stephanie says:

    We certainly did NOT vote yes on this proposition at our house! We have crooks in California government from the governor on down. I highly doubt that the real vote was yes. I suspect voter fraud especially when so many polls prior to the election, the majority said NO! This is historic, you know. I can’t remember the last time CA voters voted yes on ANY tax measure. You can bet that Prop 32 was voter fraud too – the unions were terrified of that one and it just couldn’t be passed. Guess who counts the votes? Union employees. Seems pretty simple to me. I am very bitter about the outcome of the past election as you can probably tell. Hubby and I have talked of leaving the state but our kids and grandkids are here! That makes it hard to leave.

  9. Carlos says:

    You need to contact the United States Attorney General about this, Stephanie. I’m just real sure Mr. My People will be on it like flies on a pile of manure!

    Oh, wait! He is the pile of manure. I’d better figure out some other simile…

  10. Jojo says:

    Stephanie – the wife and I saw the hand writing on the wall and after 41 years in California got the hell out. WAfter that we lived in Texas for 11 years. (No state income tax). Now we have lived in Nevada for five years. (No income tax).

    We couldn’t be happier and regret that we waited so long to stop being Californicated. One daughter has left and lives in Nevada. The other will retire soon and also leave with the grandkids.

    Don’t be afraid to leave. You will not believe how much your life will improve.