Forget cupcakes. Don’t you even *mention* guns in school, young man!

Posted by: Phineas on March 8, 2013 at 3:47 pm

**Posted by Phineas

The headline says it all:

Pasco School District overturns 6-year-old’s suspension for discussing toy gun

The Pasco School District has overturned the suspension of a 6-year-old boy who talked about his toy guns at school.

Mike Aguirre’s son Noah, a first-grader at James McGee Elementary School, was sent home Feb. 28 after another student told their teacher that Noah had a gun with him.

Noah had no gun, toy or otherwise, but Aguirre said his son still was punished for talking with other students about the Nerf guns the family recently bought during a trip to Lincoln City, Ore.

Apparently a girl student who heard the little boy felt her “health and safety” were threatened… by someone talking about a nerf gun. What do you want to bet the school district is making that up or at least “massaging the truth” heavily?

The district later removed the suspension and said this wouldn’t go on the child’s record. Very big of them, but not a word of apology for making the boy think he was in trouble, worrying the parents, and making themselves look like jackasses.

Where did these “educators” get their certifications — George Orwell University?

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12 Responses to “Forget cupcakes. Don’t you even *mention* guns in school, young man!”


  1. A good addition to this school district’s curriculum might be a study of the US Constitution, especially the First (freedom of expression), Second (right to keep and bear arms), Fifth, and Fourteenth (due process) Amendments.

    The hiring standards appear in need of a severe upgrade as well.

  2. Sefton says:

    Before long school districts will be handing out awards and certificates to the students who turn in another student for even using the word “gun”.
    It’s gearing towards the Hitler Youth model of turning in fellow students or parents if they don’t conform.

  3. genes says:

    Where did these “educators” get their certifications — George Orwell University?

    Arkham Asylum.

  4. Carlos says:

    Oh, the guvmint indoctrination centers don’t have to work real hard at making themselves look like foolish jackasses – it seems to be inbred. Unfortunately, that inbreeding seems to be being taught to the precious little ones, as exemplified by the little mentally disturbed one distraught over just the talk of a nerf gun.

    Wonder what trauma she would have exhibited had the kid brought a Pop Tart to school? Or a cupcake?

    Worse, don’t ever let her see an outline of either Maryland or Oklahoma – she might be a counselor’s vacations for years with that trauma to deal with!

    And what about all those foam #1 thingies that are so popular at sports events? Aren’t they just as dangerous as any tommy gun ever made?

  5. Brontefan says:

    As a soon to be retired educator… I can tell you this: public schools, including universities & colleges, no longer encourage critical thinking skills. It’s all the banking concept of education—the government decides what you need to know, you learn it, bank it, and are able to repeat it whenever questioned. Some schools do not teach the US Constitution, the amendments, or the Electoral College. Schools are a form of indoctrination into the Marxist agenda, very similar to how they teach in the UK. And the Literature that used to include Zora Neale Hurston’s novels has been replaced by Alice Walker novels–taking you from individual achievements and integrity to books about victims. The results of social advancement & elimination of tracking leaves us with elementary students NOT receiving the extra help they need in a specific area and being shoved into 4th grade math when they failed to grasp 3rd grade math. Unless we eliminate the Dept. of Education–we are doomed.

  6. Carlos says:

    The wife and I have not voted for increased funding for education in our district for decades. That is because of every dollar proposed for “increased education funding,” nearly 83 cents goes to administration and non-educational staffing. It’s not like four principals/vice principals per school is a waste or anything(!!!!). Or that teacher accountability should ever be thought of as anything to be considered after 1893 or so.

    If the funding went to changing the curricula to include such wasteful things as teaching real reading, competent writing, basic arithmetic (without electronic aides) and real history (as opposed to the revisionist garbage they teach now) we would change our tune.

    In the meantime, the grandkids are just about to start school – in a private religious school with a demonstrable record of teaching and achievement.

  7. @Brontefan–As a retired teacher/coach, trust me, the day you retire you will feel like a prisoner reprieved, to borrow from the late Tom Landry. As I said in an earlier post, it will be one notch below orgasm.

    The establishment of the Dept. of Education (more accurately, Indoctrination) was one of Carter’s campaign promise violations.

  8. Cube says:

    Don’t forget, everyone involved in this farce is “trained and certified”. Read that as “better than you”. Know your place and shut up when your betters talk.

    When I was a kid, if another kid had behaved this way over a Nerf gun, they would have been mercilessly ridiculed by the other kids, as they should be for being so stupid. Ridicule is one of the more effective ways to teach people that being stupid is a bad thing. Second, the adults around would have explained that toys are for play, they are not like the real thing.

    Obviously, the problem is there are no adults present, just frightened children (but with certifications) that never grew up.