Pelosi really does believe that all the money is hers

Posted by: Phineas on March 11, 2013 at 1:01 pm

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All the money! Give it to me! MINE!!!

All the money! Give it to me! MINE!!!

Well, the government’s, but you just know that, deep down inside, she sees herself as synonymous with the government — l’Etat c’est Nancy!

Bryan Preston noted this interesting bit of progressive logic while the Minority Leader was talking about reducing government spending:

“Tax cuts are spending.”

“Our whole budget is what $3.5 trillion,” Pelosi said at a Capitol Hill press conference. “So, when we talk about reducing spending, we certainly must, and we certainly have–$1.6 trillion in the previous Congress, $1.2 of it in the Budget Control Act.

“But spending is also related to tax cuts,” said Pelosi. Tax cuts are spending. Tax expenditures, they are called. Subsidies for big oil, subsidies to send jobs overseas, breaks to send jobs overseas, breaks for corporate jets. They are called tax expenditures. Spending money on tax breaks.

“And that’s the spending that we must curtail as well,” she said.

Preston is right: the only way this logic works, the only way a tax cut can be intellectually considered a government expenditure, is if all money is the government’s in the first place. Then it would make sense: by lowering tax rates, the government spends money it otherwise would have had, by letting the people keep more. It is also the government’s right —superior to that of the people— to decide how the money is expended, because it’s their property, anyway.

And it’s an idea utterly alien to everything this nation was founded on.

As I wrote a couple of months ago, when Pelosi said something similar:

But, cynical me, I suspect that is not what Nancy wants. No, what she wants, like Rocco in “Key Largo,” is more.  More revenue, more of our money. There’s never enough. And she wants the power that comes with having more money to redistribute, to turn citizens into dependent clients of the State and the Democratic Party. She and her progressive brethren will take the money and then control who gets how much — and if they want to keep getting it, they’ll vote the right way.

The power to distribute money is the power to control.

That’s what’s at the heart of the repeated bleatings from progressives about “more revenue.” Forget “fairness,” at least as it’s understood in the real world.

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9 Responses to “Pelosi really does believe that all the money is hers”


  1. This just proves that 99% of commiecrats give the other 1% a bad name.

  2. Carlos says:

    Nazi”s idiocy is not so dissimilar to the attitude pervasive here in the “planning” departments of cities and counties in Oregon: All land belongs to the government, and it is only by our good will anyone is allowed to do anything to any land they think they may own, and, although we may suffer a court set-back occasionally, we will continue to oppress the people because we know in our heart-of-hearts that the general populace is totally incapable of making decisions for themselves that would benefit the government.

  3. Sefton says:

    This woman is a nut overdue for the asylum.
    She talks to friggin’ ghosts for crying out loud…

  4. Great White Rat says:

    Your income is her ‘Precious’. If she doesn’t get all of it, she thinks you stole it from her, and she’s ready to do anything to get her ‘Precious’ back.

  5. Aarradin says:

    In a way, she’s right: The Democrats discovered that since welfare was unpopular but tax cuts were universally popular, why not take welfare spending and simply put it in the tax code as a refundable tax credit?

    So, they did.

    As a result, the percentage of Americans with zero, or less, tax liability is now above 49.5% (with over 30% receiving more back than they paid in).

    As difficult as it is to rein in welfare spending, it is much, much harder to repeal welfare spending in the tax code masquerading as refundable tax credits.

    Even Grover Norquist believes repealing these tax credits = tax hike, rather than ending welfare spending, and therefore violate his no tax pledge.

  6. Remember that Pelosi has said, in public, that the “general welfare” clauses of Article I of the Constitution give Congress unlimited power. She was speaking slowly and clearly. She knew there were cameras on her, and that they were running. She meant it. She maintains that that all money (and all other property) is really just a loan from the federal government to whoever might have it at the moment? Not hard to believe.

  7. Drew the Infidel says:

    And they laughed at Nancy Reagan for hiring an astrologer.

  8. bill glass says:

    # 6 – right on!

  9. Carlos says:

    Somewhere, somehow, this insanity HAS to end.

    But it will never happen as long as Kalifornicators are allowed to keep sending her and her ilk back to Congress, or Nevada sending Dingy back, or South Carolina sending Grahamnesty back, or people throughout the country sending all the thieves and liars of the CBC back, or…

    Like Herm titled his book, they really do think we’re stupid.