#IRS scandal: Officials in Washington, California targeted Tea Party groups

Posted by: Phineas on May 13, 2013 at 9:30 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Hey, remember when IRS official Lois Lerner said that only a wayward local office in Cincinnati was improperly investigating conservative groups?

Yeah, well… about that:

Internal Revenue Service officials in Washington and at least two other offices were involved in the targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, making clear the effort reached well beyond the branch in Cincinnati that was initially blamed, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

IRS officials at the agency’s Washington headquarters sent queries to conservative groups asking about their donors and other aspects of their operations, while officials in the El Monte and Laguna Niguel offices in California sent similar questionnaires to tea party-affiliated groups.

IRS employees in Cincinnati also told conservatives seeking the status of “social welfare” groups that a task force in Washington was overseeing their applications, according to interviews with the activists.

Lois G. Lerner, who oversees tax-exempt groups for the IRS, told reporters on Friday the “absolutely inappropriate” actions were undertaken by “front-line people” working in Cincinnati to target groups with “tea party,” “patriot” or “9/12” in their names.

In one instance, however, Ron Bell, an IRS employee, informed an attorney representing a conservative group focused on voter fraud that the application was under review in Washington. On several other occasions, IRS officials in D.C. and California sent detailed questionaires to conservative groups asking more than a dozen questions about their voter outreach and other activities, according to the documents.

“For the IRS to say it was some low-level group in Cincinnati is simply false,” said Cleta Mitchell, a partner in the law firm Foley & Lardner LLP who sought to communicate with IRS headquarters about the delay in granting tax-exempt status to True the Vote.

“True the Vote” is an organization dedicated to election integrity and fight vote fraud. What a shock it was hassled during… an election year.

So, we’ve gone from “front-line people” to the agency’s General Counsel, one step below the Commissioner, who, um… testified there was no such thing going on.

Except there was, and it wasn’t just local and it wasn’t just “front-line people.”

Between this, Benghazi, the DoJ-AP scandal, and the budding Sebelius/HHS solicitations scandal, this week has already turned bad for Team Hopenchange.

Can’t wait to see what comes out between now and Friday. smiley devil

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6 Responses to “#IRS scandal: Officials in Washington, California targeted Tea Party groups”


  1. Watch the method by which the guilty parties seek to escape consequences for their actions. When pressed for answers, they employ the first line of defense of a POW which is “lie and deny”. Then they progress to shifting blame. On what do they base this confidence of theirs? Do they think mere words are sufficient as a strategy or power for the battles they face?

  2. Carlos says:


    This entire administration and the last four years has been run on lies, scams, deceit and the assumption that a combination of low-information voters and country bumpkins fascinated by Chicago thugs could do anything they want.

    Payback is gonna be a seashore. And only a SCOTUS run by a weak-kneed, spineless pseudo-conservative will be able to keep a majority of Duh-1’s thieving, lying, law-breaking secretaries/administrators out of prison. If prison was good enough for Mitchell and Libby, it’s certainly good enough for this administration from the Prez on down at least two levels.

    And the “low-level” employees from ANY department who overreached, whether it was HHS, Education, DHS, EPA, the EOC/Labor, or whatever, should be summarily fired and their pensions distributed to law-abiding citizens. I don’t care how above the law the Prez thinks he is, or how great he thinks a socialist government is, no one, especially one voted into office by We, The People, is due any consideration for breaking the law. And that doesn’t even get to the question of how much he owes the country for a vacation a month…

  3. BBHunter says:

    – You don’t have to wait very long. Now it turns out they not only spied on the media, they leaked confidential IRS data and there was an “enemy list”.

    – Apparently, after the results in 2010 they were really sweating his re-election and decided to go all in with the dirty tricks.

    – Maybe Waffle-ears should have named his book someone else wrote for him Dreams of my Nixon.

  4. Great White Rat says:

    And let’s not forget that just last year a major Romney donor was targeted by the IRS for two audits – after being personally attacked by Obama himself. But I’m sure that just another coincidence, right??

    Can’t wait to see what comes out between now and Friday.

    I can tell you some of it already. Some of the shlubs in the IRS who did as Obama directed, and at DOS who did as Hillary directed, are about to find out what it looks like under Obama’s bus.

    Here’s the exit question: since we know the IRS will play a major part in administering Obamacare, and since we know that same IRS was demanding the donor lists from Tea Party groups, what do you think the odds are that your political donations will be a factor when the IRS panels decide whether you get life-saving treatment under Obamacare starting next year?

  5. Kate says:

    Can any see the rats jumping off the sinking ship yet? Those smug little critters are jumping off with pensions in hand as they take early retirements or return to some think-tank post in the Beltway!

    Personally, I am surprised how the worm has been turning in the past two weeks…it seems like the MSM has developed brain buds and realizing how their complicity in the Benghazi cover-up is costing them. All these “new” discoveries as to how the administration operates seems to annoy them. Now they have to do the work that a free press is supposed to do instead of being cheerleaders!

    Reality bites back at Obama and his cohorts…keep it coming!

  6. Carlos says:

    First, the Obama Cincinnati IRS, then D.C., then California. Any bets on which is the next deep-blue locale to get exposed?

    But there’s certainly no pattern here, right?