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Tell me Senator Menendez, did the married woman you were having an affair with know you were also hiring (and not paying) underage Dominican call girls?

Sen. Robert Menendez wooed a married newspaper publisher, taking the attractive brunette on a romantic getaway to the Caribbean, a tipster alleges.

The New Jersey Dem and Cecilia Reynolds jetted to Puerto Rico, where they stayed at the isolated beach retreat of the island’s then-governor, Anibal Acevedo Vila.

In a photo provided by the anonymous informant, Reynolds is sitting naked on a beach and suggestively smiling at the camera. In another set of pictures, they take turns posing against the same sunset backdrop.

The happy couple, dressed in shorts, also appeared to tour a national park and pose for a photo at a waterfall, Menendez wrapping his arm around Reynolds’ waist.

Of course, she was separated at the time (so she and her husband claim), so it isn’t as scandalous as it might be, except for:

The trip came at a time when the senator was trying to thwart the appointment of Rosa Emilia Rodriguez-Velez as the US attorney for Puerto Rico. He placed a “senatorial hold,” or block, on the appointment, according to the Newark Star-Ledger.

Rodriguez-Velez was the interim US attorney, and her office had turned its sights on Menendez’s pal, the former Puerto Rico governor, investigating him for alleged campaign-finance violations and other wrongdoing. She was later confirmed despite the senator’s interference, and Acevedo Vila was indicted in 2008 on 19 criminal counts. He was found not guilty.

So, at the time Bob “Pass me another Viagra” Menendez was trying to scotch the appointment of a US attorney who was after the island’s governor, he just happened to also get to use the governor’s beach house as a love-shack.

Surely a coincidence.

By the way, Senator Menendez (D – Cialis), just how were those romantic getaways paid for? Might be interesting to see if these were listed as “official travel” and charged to the taxpayers.

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6 Responses to “Oh, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby…”


  1. Mark Twain was right. There is only one way to look at a politician and that is down. BTW, if that Cialis (pronounced “see Alice”) stuff really works, why do their ads show those couples in separate bathtubs?

  2. Tango says:

    …it’s the new normal. A resume enhancement for this crowd. Or so they proclaim.

  3. ALman says:

    Very, very troubled by all this. It seems as though being in Congress is interferring with his love (sex) life. Need to give up one or the other. Uh . . . give up Congress because you can never have too much . . .

  4. Zachriel says:

    Robert Menendez Accusers Were Paid To Make Prostitution Claims Against Senator: Dominican Police

  5. sniperpitbull says:

    Ok, now that Drew has “opened the door,” just what is the explanation/significance of the couple sitting in those two bath tubs?

    Anybody? Buelher?

  6. LoopTheLup says:

    If I had to guess, I’d say they were ice baths.

    Draw what conclusions you will.