#ObamacareIsWorking, my first Storify

Storify is a free service that allows you to collate posts from different social media sites in order to create a coherent… well, story. On Twitter this morning, after reading a propaganda post from OFA, I went on a mini-tirade about all the ways Obamacare is screwing up people’s lives and decided to collect them on Storify. This was the result:

This was fun; I may have to try it again, sometime. :)

UPDATE: Danggit! The full version didn’t post. Phooey. You can find it here.

UPDATE 2: And, just like that, they’re all appearing. At this point, I’ve decided to leave out milk and cookies for the Internet Fairies, who must be mad at me.

UPDATE 3: Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. #InternetFairies

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