Illinois Supreme Court overturns state ban on carrying firearms

Posted by: Phineas on September 14, 2013 at 1:09 pm

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Here’s a surprising victory for constitutional rights in one of the most gun-restrictive states in the nation:

In an unusually forceful and straightforward opinion in the case of People v. Aguilar, the Supreme Court of Illinois unanimously held that the state’s “comprehensive ban” on the “use of an operable firearm for self-defense outside the home” is invalid on its face under the Second Amendment. The NRA had participated in the case with an amicus brief.

The court surveyed the Supreme Court’s recent Second Amendment decisions, as well as state and federal precedents from courts in Illinois. Regarding the significance of the Supreme Court’s opinions, it declared: “neither Heller nor McDonald expressly limits the second amendment’s protections to the home. On the contrary, both decisions contain language strongly suggesting if not outright confirming that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms extends beyond the home.” It also characterized the Illinois law as “a wholesale statutory ban on the exercise of a personal right that is specifically named in and guaranteed by the United States Constitution….” According to the court, “In no other context would we permit this, and we will not permit it here either.”

And this was in Illinois. Maybe there’s hope for overturning California’s draconian gun laws, yet.

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4 Responses to “Illinois Supreme Court overturns state ban on carrying firearms”


  1. Drew the Infidel says:

    It is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it. Two points to add:

    The Second Amendment was not written about deer hunting. It addresses tyranny.

    My Second Amendment rights to protect myself with a lethal weapon trump anyone else’s First Amendment rights to say anything they wish in opposition.

  2. towerclimber37 says:

    I doubt it, sis. the california circuit court as well as the supreme court is batpoop crazy.
    they make up opinions that aren’t grounded in facts or even reality.

  3. Carlos says:

    And this was in Illinois. Maybe there’s hope for overturning California’s draconian gun laws, yet.

    Illinois, although excelling in thuggery, and not exactly known as a bastion for the protection of constitutional rights, is still not known for their insipid stupidity like California.

    Numerous cities that in most other states would be major metropolitan areas are about to go bankrupt in California. Who runs them? In every case, elected Democraps. Who do the voters in each city blame? If not GWB, then Republicans in general.

    It’s amazing. They set up these little socialist city-states, and still the idiots that elect the tyrants can’t deal with the fact socialism has never worked and, as long as it’s being administered and processed by humans over humans, it never will.