Though outraged, @AETV is happy to take “flyover folks'” money

Posted by: Phineas on December 20, 2013 at 2:42 pm

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My blog-buddy ST has already eloquently written about the intolerant, anti-Christian, anti-Southern bigotry behind A&E’s craven capitulation to liberal fascist pressure groups over “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson’s comments about sin and sinners, including homosexuality (1). Apparently, paraphrasing St. Paul’s first Epistle to the Corinthians is now enough to get one banned from television (2).

While ST has covered that angle admirably, I noticed something else. Last night I was watching a couple of episodes (coincidentally, I only started watching the day before this brouhaha exploded) of Duck Dynasty and stayed tuned in to catch another show called “Rodeo Girls.” As you can tell from the title, this show is not about a group of post-modern urban hipster liberals sitting around in their jammies, drinking hot chocolate and talking about healthcare. No, it’s about young, attractive women who compete in the rodeo circuit. (3) And the cultural similarities to Duck Dynasty got me wondering about the rest of A&E’s shows. (I don’t usually watch the network.) Let’s take a look at their line-up, shall we?

First, Duck Dynasty. Note that, as of today, Phil is still featured:

A&E Duck Dynasty

Next, American Hoggers. Just screams “Manhattan metrosexual,” doesn’t it?

A&E American Hoggers

Then we have “Crazy Hearts, Nashville.” A little country, a little sex:

A&E Crazy Hearts

But wait! There’s more! “Rodeo Girls!” Bikini-clad cowgirls riding stallions. (4) Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be lunching with Anna Wintour real soon.

A&E Rodeo Girls

Finally, we have “Storage Wars, Texas.” I wonder what they think of gun control and the individual mandate?

A&E Storage Wars

Notice a pattern? All these show involve people from what is disparagingly called “flyover country,” those lands beyond the pale, the denizens of which the urban progressive elites like to patronize and treat like sub-normal children. And yet these are more than half the shows A&E has featured on their site. It seems pretty obvious that A&E is happy to promote shows featuring unsophisticated mouth-breathing hicks and earn money from the unsophisticated mouth-breathing hick audiences that watch, just so long as none of them express their unsophisticated mouth-breathing hick views.

Or maybe A&E’s honchos misread their audience:

— Phineas Fahrquar (@irishspy) December 19, 2013


Living in the echo chamber suite of the MSM’s ivory tower may well wind up costing A&E and their owners quite a bit.

(1) To clarify, while I disagree with my esteemed co-blogger, Phil Robertson, and St. Paul about homosexuality being a sin, I respect their beliefs and wouldn’t want to ban them from the public square. Unlike A&E.
(2) No, I don’t think this is all that comparable to what happened to Martin Bashir. He spewed scatological, unhinged, hate-filled words at Sarah Palin. Phil just expressed his opinion in answer to a question, cited Scripture, and said it was up to God to judge. Huge difference.
(3) Watch out, Jessica! That Anthony is no good for you! (BTW, last night’s episode was set in Red Bluff, California. Not all of us are “L.A.” or “San Francisco” elitists.)
(4) Sigmund Freud, call your office.

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7 Responses to “Though outraged, @AETV is happy to take “flyover folks'” money”


  1. Drew the Infidel says:

    One other common thread running through the A&E program lineup is that of successful capitalists going about their daily routines to provide entertainment at which the voyeuristic elitist viewers can marvel.

    Once the smoke clears from this duck flap A&E will be in full retreat for fear of losing the show to another network. Their high-tailing it to the rear will be “A&E” as in the battlefield vernacular of “as*holes and elbows”.

    BTW, Phil’s remarks can be found almost verbatim in Romans 1:18-32 and 2 Timothy 3:1-9.

  2. Carlos says:

    Well, now his comments were not only homophobic, they were raaaciiiist to boot, according to the spokesperson (can’t say “spokesman,” that would break ALL the rules!) for GLAAD, the organization purported to help this poor, backward country get out of the dark ages and join the 21st century.

    You know, like all them Arab countries that are so tolerant.

    Or Russia. Or China. Or any of the rest of the Marxist communist countries (which is what dear leader sun god king president-for-life-wannabe wants us to become.)

    Apparently I misunderstood the Constitution. I’ve always thought it was referring to all the people, but apparently the rights enumerated therein refer only to those of the ruling elite…

  3. omapian says:

    The A&E network employed a television crew to follow a family of real people (not scripted actors) at work and at play. Editors then compiled episodes of “Duck Dynasty” to attract millions of viewers and advertising revenue. The family’s values had to be well known to the Network, but editors created an image that was appealing, not appalling.
    The family believed some conduct was sinful and G-d punishes sinners. Editors decided how those values were presented to the audience.
    When an interviewer, not constrained by the Network’s editor, asked to expand on sin, a family member could have said murder, rape, robbery or assault and there would be no outrage. Society views those sins as crimes and punishes offenders. He mentioned homosexual conduct and offered a personal opinion. Activists declared his religious beliefs were wrong.
    Two possible explanations, neither is attractive. First, the outrage is a marketing attempt to draw attention to the show or away from other issues (Obamacare). Second, activists have the authority to tell people what to believe.
    The Supreme Court of the United States will soon decide if an employer must pay for devices and procedures that go against deeply held religious beliefs. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or protecting the free exercise thereof…” It will take some very creative doublespeak to dismiss the First Amendment.
    Those who view the Constitution as an obstacle will encourage the Court to ignore the Bill of Rights.

  4. Drew the Infidel says:

    “Political correctness is tyranny with manners.”–Charlton Heston

  5. Carlos says:

    Cracker Barrel has already cracked. They’ve decided losing up to a million customers over their decision to cut “Duck Dynasty” merchandise was a bit more of a price than they were willing to pay for their “principled” stand.

    Because we now know for sure where their heart is, I’ll never darken the door of another Cracker Barrel again. Their accounting and advertising offices are probably run by LGBT/GLAAD “saints” anyway…

  6. Dan says:

    What it comes down to when we die is, As a believer in this life and I turn out to be wrong at time of death and there is no afterlife I won’t know I was wrong. Won’t know all I “missed” out on etc. The atheist, if he is right won’t know it and if he’s wrong … when they find Jesus’s body then they can speak about Christians being wrong. Paul would not have gone through what he did, his contemporaries would not have given up all if they had not seen the risen Savior. Deal with it my unbelieving friends.

  7. Mudbug says:

    “Bikini-clad cowgirls riding stallions.”

    Begats: “Sigmund Freud, call your office”

    Possibly the best blog-line-snark of the year :d