(Video) Rick Perry serves a heaping helping of red meat at CPAC

Posted by: Phineas on March 7, 2014 at 3:21 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Texas Governor Perry spoke this morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and, well, got the crowd more wound up than any amount of coffee ever could. Enjoy:

smiley cheering

After his poor performance in the 2012 primary debates, there was some speculation that pain meds he had been taking to get him through back surgery had affected him. Whatever the reason, he looks to be well over it, now.  This was a great speech and he hit all the notes near and dear to a limited-government conservative’s heart. The Washington Examiner quotes the conclusion:

“My fellow conservatives, the future of this country is upon you, it belongs to you,” Perry roared. “You have the power to change America, you have the power to speak to our newest hopes in addition to our age-old dreams, you are the path to the future, a light on a distant shore and you represent the renewed hope that America can be great again!”

PS: I didn’t see a teleprompter, did you?

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One Response to “(Video) Rick Perry serves a heaping helping of red meat at CPAC”


  1. Carlos says:

    PS: I didn’t see a teleprompter, did you?

    Of course you didn’t. That’s because educated speakers don’t need one, and poorly- or un-educated speakers can’t get along without one.

    Not saying our Liar-in-Chief is poorly educated or uneducated, but he did go to some of the most liberal schools in the country, and that gets one an absolutely lousy education and a head full of mush.

    ‘Course, it would have helped if he had the intelligence to legitimately attend college as a real student to begin with, so getting in as a foreign student not academically qualified for even a JUCO shouldn’t surprise anyone.