We’ve known for a while , but it bears repeating: Obama is monumentally incompetent

Posted by: Phineas on May 22, 2014 at 3:02 pm

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"No big words, please"

A winning smile isn’t enough.

Writing at Commentary after Obama’s pathetic press appearance yesterday on the VA scandal, Peter Wehner wrote on the administration’s overarching theme, what future generations may most remember it for: epic incompetence. Looking first at his domestic and then his foreign failures, Wehner sums up with the Veteran’s Administration scandal:

More and more Mr. Obama speaks as if he’s a passive actor, a bystander in his own administration, an MSNBC commentator speaking about events he has no real control over. We saw that earlier today, when the president, in trying to address the public’s growing outrage at what’s happening at the VA, insisted he “will not stand for it” and “will not tolerate” what he has stood for and tolerated for almost six years. His anger at what’s happening to our veterans seems to have coincided with the political damage it is now causing him.

We’ve learned the hard way that Mr. Obama’s skill sets are far more oriented toward community organizing than they are to governing. On every front, he is overmatched by events. It’s painful to watch a man who is so obviously in over his head. And more and more Americans are suffering because of it.

In fact, Obama’s responses to the various crises and challenges of his time in office have been right in line with the modern progressive vision for the nation: we are all victims, even the President:

In his speech on the VA, the president said that he would not stand for things that he clearly and undeniably has stood for some years now, and swore that he would not tolerate that which has has been tolerating since 2009.

He’s been described as acting like a bystander to his own presidency, but it’s more like he’s a victim of it, as though the presidency were this terrible thing that just happened to him one day that he’s now courageously dealing with.


It’s a remarkable talent he has. When he was getting beat up politically for his association with that goofy racist clergyman, he lectured us on the evils of racism, as though we’d been the ones sitting in on those hateful sermons. Every time he has some spectacular screw-up, which seems to be about once a quarter, he pronounces himself outraged, as though he had not failed us but had been failed himself.

“It’s not me. It’s you.”

In his Morning Jolt newsletter, Jim Geraghty (sorry, no link available) wishes Wehner had expanded on his essay in more depth and himself offers many more examples of Obama’s failings in office, but one in particular strikes me as the reason for all the rest:

A Focus on What Matters Most:  His own staffers have described him as “impatient and disengaged” in key meetings, and the intelligence community has wondered how closely he reads his briefings. With increasing frequency, he says he learns about problems within his own administration from media reports. (See the NRCC’s new “Obama Excuses” page.) He really enjoys the good life of the presidency and doesn’t see any reason why he should limit public expenditures on himself and his family during hard economic times. He recently laughed, “That’s the good thing about being president, I can do whatever I want.

Translation: Color me shocked that a narcissist can’t see beyond himself.

Moments like these make me ask a question I never thought I’d ask: “Would Joe Biden really be all that bad?”

Of course, like I said in the subject line, we’ve known since about 2007 that Obama was unqualified to be president, though I think many of us were surprised by the depth and breadth of his incompetence. And he has more than two years left to impress us even more!


It took a perfect storm of circumstances, including, but not limited to, an economic crisis, the desire of many to “make history” by electing the first Black president, and an MSM that was almost wholly the media arm of the Democratic Party, in order to put this bumbler in office. I’d like to think that won’t happen again anytime soon, and there’s some evidence that some folks are learning from the recent past, but one never knows until the day after election day.

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11 Responses to “We’ve known for a while , but it bears repeating: Obama is monumentally incompetent”


  1. Hey, give the guy a break. It is his first job.

    This is what happens when voters are enthralled by the novelty candidate (first black, first woman, first whatever) instead of one with some set of qualifications recommending them for the job. Obhammud has zero managerial experience, having never so much as operated a snow cone stand.

    This laughable “mad as hell” routine is about as convincing as was Bert Lahr as The Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard OF Oz”(’39).

  2. Sefton says:

    You’d also think the country would learn a lesson or two from this.
    But… get ready for the next superficial-historical-[this time gender]-president, Hillary.
    I remember way back when, when Rush would talk about symbolism over substance in regards to how the liberal/progressive base look at everything. Along with the MSM being obviously in the pocket to help put Hillary in (“it’s her turn”…”she had to wait and support the first black president, so she’s entitled to it”…etc.)

    Honestly, if the electorate was that vacant and unaware to put Obama back in for a second term (nevermind the first), you can probably bet the farm it’ll happen again in 2016 when the machine puts our next “symbolism over substance” in the WH.

  3. Carlos says:

    “Honestly, if the electorate was that vacant vacuous and unaware…”

    Seems to work more accurately with that little change, Sefton.

    And, personal opinion, Hillarious is just as incompetent as Duh-1, but has a thicker skin, is more devious and is certainly more ruthless…

    Is this a great country or what, where incompetents like Duh-1, Slo Joe and Hillarious (not to mention multitudes of elected officials at all levels of government) can grow up with a semi-realistic dream of being the peoples’ “leader” at some point in the future.

  4. Steve Skubinna says:

    Yeah, but those of us who figured it out six years ago were tarred as racist.

    So thanks, but no thanks Mister Wehner.

  5. formwiz says:

    “Moments like these make me ask a question I never thought I’d ask: ‘Would Joe Biden really be all that bad?'”

    No, because Shotgun Joe would be declared incompetent and be removed.

  6. Steve Skubinna says:

    Formwiz, I’d sooner have the smirking imbecile than the malevolent Cloward-Pivening redistributive socialist who wants to dismantle America.

  7. There is another dimension to this. The media is mostly to blame for not questioning Obhammud and calling him to account for his long unbroken string of failures, foreign and domestic.

    It is just like when a football team practices. The coach wants a maximum effort from all team members in order to make one another better football players. Do not go easy in practice. Give us a realistic picture of what the opponent is going to do against us.

    Remember when the horrid conditions at Walter Reed were revealed and the way the media went after “W” over it? But now they are trying to gloss over the VA scandal and not asking the hard questions. Despicable, especially when dead bodies litter the landscape.

    “W” took appropriate action. Obhammud does not even know the definition of the word.

  8. Carlos says:

    “W” took appropriate action. Obhammud does not even know the definition of the word.

    I doubt seriously that he even sees this as a problem, Drew, since it does not affect him directly. It will only be when the clamor from the public becomes so loud the LSM can’t ignore it any more (and consequently start going after their tin god) that all of a sudden it will become the most important item on his plate.

    Which it should be, but it will also mean that jobs, the economy, foreign policy and, God forbid, his vacations take a back seat to this most pressing of image problems for him.

    But, not to worry. Thunderthighs will round up a horde of her BFFs and find some ultra-expensive place on the planet to raid the public treasury…

  9. John W says:

    Although the phrase “monumentally incompetent” fits Obama perfectly, I think history will show that the term most frequently associated with the Obama presidency will be “monumentally corrupt”. Seemingly every day, his list of deliberately despicable deeds grows longer.