Sister T.I’ve been blogging and commentating since 2003 at my political site SisterToldjah.com as well as on social media and blogging conferences.

But recently I decided I wanted to expand my range a bit with a fresh site that taps into a “softer” side, in an effort to try and help bridge the vast pop cultural/political divide – as well as to let off some steam sometimes on everyday stuff beyond politics.

Why “Lemonade* Musings”, you may ask? In a conversation with a friend several weeks ago where we both talked about how the country seems so divided, I quipped that that there were many issues in America that could very likely be resolved over nice, cool glasses of lemonade (or sweet tea, of course).

Lemons are also good metaphors for other things.

Life hands us lemons on an almost-daily basis – sometimes pretty rotten ones at that. Rather than deal with them, you sometimes ignore them. Try and push them to the side. But they never really do go away – not until you address them, confront them.  As you mature emotionally and spiritually over time, you either learn to make lemonade out of those lemons, or you become as bitter and sour and unwanted as the ones that fell into your lap uninvited.

Thanks for visiting and for joining me on my lemons-to-lemonade journey. Hope you enjoy – and return often.

Lemonade on the beach
Beach waves. Warm sand. Cold lemonade. ‘Nuff said.

*Not in any way affiliated with nor inspired by the Beyoncé album.