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First Amendment under assault

There have been a pair of disturbing developments over the last week regarding the First Amendment. First, Ken Klukowski of American Thinker reports that, in Citizens United v. FEC, the Obama Justice Department claimed a broad power to not only ban mentions of a candidate for federal office on TV or radio, but in films, books, and action figures. I believe the phrase is, “Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile.”.....   [Read More]

Third party in 2012?

ST put this warning from Newt Gingrich about a third party springing up in 2012 up in Hot Headlines yesterday, which gives me the perfect opportunity to launch into my thoughts on this possibility. I’ve been tossing this around for the last 4 years, since President Bush’s re-election, when I became convinced that a significant portion of the Republican Party was more interested in purchasing the middle by growing government than actually opposing the Socialization of America espoused by the Democrats since LBJ. I’ve alluded to my thought process several times in my looks at where conservatism has been the last couple years......   [Read More]