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Pete du Pont

Run, Hillary, Run?

Since the day after Election Day, 2008, I’ve felt strongly that Hillary Clinton would run for President again in 2012, in a primary challenge to Barack Obama. I believed that even after she agreed to be his Secretary of State, and, since then, the bumblings of his administration, his tanking popularity, and the specter of an electoral disaster the Democrats face in 2010 have made me almost certain: she’s going to run. Back in 2008, I took to referring to her as “Lady Macbeth” because of her impressive will and near-naked lust for the presidency. She only stayed with Bill after the Gennifer Flowers revelations because (my guess) he promised her control of health-care policy and she saw him as her road to her own term in the Oval Office. She even put up with further humiliation in the Lewinsky scandal to keep that path open......   [Read More]