Slip slidin’ away …

Earlier I brought up the article from Robert Moran on the media bias on John Kerry’s little fall on the slopes earlier this week. Well, the New York Post’s Page Six is on the prowl and provides us with this little nugget:

JUST hours before Sen. John Kerry boldly announced, “I don’t fall down,” on a Sun Valley ski slope, he fell down.

Kerry made headlines last week when, on his first snowboard run down Idaho’s Mount Baldy, a skiing Secret Service agent collided with the Democratic presidential candidate, sending him tumbling into the powder.

After getting to his feet – and being assured that news cameras hadn’t caught the crash – Kerry told reporters: “I don’t fall down. That son of a bitch knocked me over.”

Not quite. Upon his arrival in Idaho the previous evening, Kerry showed he’s as vulnerable to gravity as the rest of us. As his dozen-car motorcade made the 90-minute trek from a Twin Falls airport to the slopes of Ketchum, they stopped off at a Texaco mini-mart in Shoshone, where Kerry promptly lost his footing.

“Out jumps candidate Kerry to buy a bottle of water, but the lady at the mini-mart had just mopped the floor,” a spy tells PAGE SIX. “Kerry slips and falls on the wet floor!”

“It was a quick slip and an immediate recovery,” says Kerry rep David Wade. “He was up in a second.”