Feds Investigate ‘hate Speech’ Incident at UNC-Chapel Hill

Sounds suspiciously like this teacher is the one engaging in “hate speech” – not the student:

Federal authorities are investigating an incident at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in which an instructor sent an e-mail to her class accusing a conservative student of “hate speech” for a statement he made about homosexuals.
The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights told the school last week that the investigation will determine whether the teacher’s actions amounted to harassment.

Education Department spokesman Rodger Murphey said several people filed complaints about the exchange last month in an English class during which a student said he opposed homosexuality. Instructor Elyse Crystall sent an e-mail to the class criticizing the student saying his comment “constitutes ‘hate speech’ and is completely unacceptable.”

She referred to the student by name, calling him “a white, heterosexual, christian male” who “can feel entitled to make violent, heterosexist comments and not feel marked or threatened or vulnerable.”

Crystall apologized Monday in another e-mail, saying her earlier message “crossed a line and inhibited free discussion.”

Hmmmm …..