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I’m linking up to the archives for both the NYTimes and the WashPost in what I’ll call “Cambodia Watch” – many of us media watchers out there are STILL waiting for the NYTimes and the WP to post/print the story of Kerry’s ‘faulty’ recollection of the events of Christmas Day 1968 in Cambodia, events which were once “seared” in his memory. The search word is “Cambodia” – simply click on the link daily to find out whether or not either paper has written ANYTHING about this story in recent weeks:

NYTimes 30 day Archives

(What I found at the NYTimes this evening on Cambodia going back 30 days:)

6 entries

NEW YORK REGION | August 15, 2004
Robert S. Browne, Economist and Advocate, Dies at 79

WEEK IN REVIEW | August 8, 2004, Sunday $
The Nation: Perspective; What They Would Do
By FRED KAPLAN (NYT) 1099 words

BUSINESS/FINANCIAL DESK | August 3, 2004, Tuesday $
Philippines Leader Takes Aim at Income Tax Evaders
By WAYNE ARNOLD (NYT) 1482 words

FOREIGN DESK | July 31, 2004, Saturday $
Asian Nations To Cooperate On Avian Flu

NATIONAL DESK | July 29, 2004, Thursday $
THE DEMOCRATS; THE CONVENTION IN BOSTON — Man in the News; The Moment of a Lifetime; John Forbes Kerry By TODD S. PURDUM and DAVID M. HALBFINGER (NYT) 3404 words

HOUSE & HOME/STYLE DESK | July 22, 2004, Thursday $
Close Encounters With a Home Barely Known
By JILL BROOKE (NYT) 1950 words

WashPost Archives

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