Officials: Man Dead For 20 Years Registers To Vote

Sound familiar? It’s ’00 all over again:

Officials: Man Dead For 20 Years Registers To Vote

The state of Ohio is stepping in to investigate possible voter fraud in Summit County. And the Lake County prosecutor is also looking into fraud there.

More than 800 voter registration cards in Summit County are under investigation, NewsChannel5 reported.

The Board of Elections said the voter registration cards in question are for addresses that don’t exist, spelling mistakes or have similar handwriting.

Fifty of those questionable cards apparently came from the AFL-CIO central office in Cleveland, WEWS reported.

The AFL-CIO said it’s registering thousands of union members this year, and had no knowledge of the faulty cards, which are filled out by volunteers.

AFL-CIO Executive Secretary John Ryan told NewsChannel5’s partner The Akron Beacon Journal that “it’s not only a felony, but it’s playing with democracy in a dangerous, horrible way.”

Elections officials said the bogus cards were kicked out by the computer and forwarded to state investigators.

In the meantime in Lake County, elections officials said some voter advocacy groups are forging registration cards.

In one example, a man who’s been dead for 20 years is apparently a new registered voter.

And in another case, it looks as if an entire neighborhood will be out of town on Election Day. Everyone there applied for absentee ballots.

This fraud comes on the heels of a report NewsChannel5 did just Wednesday on identity theft and voter registration. (Read Report)

Back on August 22, we first heard about some 46,000 voters registered in both New York AND Florida.

68% of whom are Democrats.

Something’s awfully fishy about all this.