Brief live blogging of the debate

Note to all: This post will be updated periodically with new links.

I give Cheney the edge over Edwards so far – he’s got Edwards on the defensive. 9:26 pm

Update: Still kicking booty! 9:55 pm

(BTW, check out Vodkapundit for liveblogging)

Update II: GREAT debate. Cheney held his own against one of the most slick talking Senators in recent memory. My verdict: Cheney won. 10:44 pm

Now, YOUR thoughts? Who won? Who had the best line? Best line, IMO, was when Cheney said to Edwards “but you probably weren’t there to vote for that …”

Oh, one other thing: I wasn’t crazy about the moderator. She kept getting her facts messed up and losing her place. She didn’t have good control of the debate. Adding: Right Wing News liked her! Am I missing something?

More: Allah has the latest debate verdicts from around the blogosphere. Glenn Reynolds links to a few verdicts himself – and I’d also like to send prayers and well wishes to his family as he mentioned in that same post that he had to take his mother in law to the hospital tonight.

Continuing: Here’s a transcript.

Even more: Daily Recycler posts a Cheney zinger from the debate.

Curious: What debate was Andrew Sullivan watching? :

“Boy was I ever wrong. If last Thursday night’s debate was an assisted suicide for president Bush, this debate – just concluded – was a car wreck. And Cheney was road-kill. There were times when it was so overwhelming a debate victory for Edwards that I had to look away. “

Well, he got the first sentence right!

STILL more: Wow. Opinion piece by James Ridgeway at the Village Voice: “The Real President Stands Up”

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