More about ACORN

Just how much of a liberal group are these people, who I discussed in an earlier post regarding voter registration fraud allegations? Liberal enough to partner up with the Bush-hating a year ago to criticize a TV ad:

On November 25, ACORN members in Pittsburgh (PA), Columbus (OH), Cleveland (OH), Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN) and Little Rock (AR), held joint press conferences with MoveOn representatives announcing the release of a new television ad criticizing the Bush administration’s handling of the economy. The ad highlights how since Bush took office in 2000 more than 2 million jobs have been lost – the most jobs lost during any single administration since Herbert Hoover was president from 1929-1933. At the press conferences, ACORN members who are unemployed or still struggling to pay the bills despite full-time employment, testified about the impact Bush’s economic policies have had on their lives – including this year’s huge tax cuts benefiting the nation’s wealthiest tax payers.

What a tangled web they weave.

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