Continuing analysis of WeaponsCacheGate

Posted by: ST on October 27, 2004 at 10:01 am

The Belmont Club is all over this. As you’ll see from their in depth analysis, there is much more to this story than meets the eye.

I posted in my comments section this morning in agreement with Dominic that it appears more and more that this explosive material was *moved* not looted. There was too much to move and it would require a systematic, coordinated effort.

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2 Responses to “Continuing analysis of WeaponsCacheGate”


  1. Jim R says:

    Hello Sistah’,

    With media bias rearing its ugly head again compliments of the NY Times ‘Missing Explosives’ (old news makes new news when its bias time), James Lileks addresses the overall chaos and division the MSM causes, etc, etc, when a country at war can ‘least’ afford it.

    An excerpt from Lileks.Com ‘Today’s Bleat’:

    “Keeping the country united? Good luck. Imagine FDR running a war with a press composed of cynical snickerers who derided the president as a rich old cripple who thought the best way to defeat Tojo was a war in North Africa and preached defeat every day through the hard slog of the Pacific theater. Imagine running a war with an entertainment industry that declined to make a single movie about the conflict – why, imagine a “Casablanca” where Rick and Sam argue about whether America started it all because they didn’t support the League of Nations. Imagine a popular radio drama running through the early 40s about a smart, charismatic, oh-so-intellectual Republican president whose bourbon baritone mocked FDR’s patrician whine, a leader who took no guff from Stalin OR Hitler! Lux Soap brings you, The West Wing of the White House! Imagine Thomas Dewey’s wife in 1944 callling the WW2 a war for oil; imagine former vice presidents insisting that FDR had played on our fears after Pearl Harbor. Imagine all that.”

    I know you are a fan of Lileks, so you have got to read his Bleat today 10/27. He skewers Sully’s support for Kerry and the MSM’s Conduct of Their War, in his classic amusing and dead-on satirical style. Awesome!

  2. I do indeed enjoy Lileks – thanks for the tip, Jim! :)