“Moore doesn’t speak for me”


Eva Savage of Livingston, Tenn., has a message for filmmaker Michael Moore: You don’t speak for me.

Savage has been more than capable of speaking for herself since her son, Jeremiah, a Marine corporal, was killed last May in Iraq. And tomorrow, she speaks at the Veterans’ Day ceremony at the courthouse in Livingston, along with the mother of fallen Marine Cpl. Brad McCormick.

Webster’s Dictionary should put Eva Savage’s picture next to the word ”hero” for a more pertinent definition beyond sports and Hollywood celebrities. Last month, I watched her pack holiday boxes for Tennessee Marines in Iraq, knowing no box would be for her son. I read her e-mail of congratulations to local Marine mothers on the return last month of their sons.

So, when Eva sent me a note she wrote in protest after Michael Moore posted a picture of President Bush — composed of the images of our fallen including her son from Iraq — I promised to publish her words. Heroes deserve as much. And people like Moore should be challenged.

”I will not allow the Michael Moores of this world to take my son’s death and turn it and twist it to suit their own greedy and malicious purposes,” she told me.