Confronting racism through ‘workshops’

Happening right here in good ol’ North Carolina:

Diversity and anti-racism training are not new to Guilford County Schools, but the philosophy of a group offering such training during this academic year has raised concerns.

About 300 teachers and community members have gone through anti-racism training with Chicago-based Crossroads Ministry since August.

Participants are taught that history is written from the perspective of whites and that laws and policies benefit whites while putting minorities at an immediate disadvantage.

The district paid Crossroads Ministry about $45,000 for training through mid-November, a district spokesman said. More current costs were not available.

Superintendent Terry Grier wants to spend $500,000 next year on teacher training, including anti-racism sessions from groups such as Crossroads.

Seven teachers from Andrews and Southwest high schools, who went through training recently, said they are losing precious class time on training that, at best, they have received before. And at worst, they said, the training is more opinion than fact and has no relevance they can see to making them better teachers.

Who is “Crossroads Ministry”, you might ask? This should help:

Why is war in the Middle East and North Korea racist war?Since the beginning of re-ignited conflict in the Middle East, anti-racists have worked to expose racism in our foreign policy–especially with regard to Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and North Korea–and to connect the racism in our foreign policy to domestic racism here in the United States. As the inevitability of war looms closer, we call on all our anti-racism partners to oppose this war, to work for peace, and to make anti-war movements anti-racist peace movements.

US racial and cultural imperialism abroad are fundamentally based on white supremacy at home, founded on the belief that only White Europeans and White Euro-Americans should set the world’s agenda and control and distribute the world’s resources. Economic imperialism imposed by capitalism knows no boundaries in the world today, all is there for the taking.

If you live and Guilford County and are opposed to this absolute nonsense, I urge you to write your school board and tell them respectfully but strongly how much you are against this “workshop.” I cannot believe that valuable public education tax dollars would be used towards something like this. We hear complaints all over the place about how there is “hardly any money for the books” yet our educators use that money for a “workshop” that essentially tells educators that white people are racists and then these educators are supposed to, in turn, teach that to our children?

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