Welcome, new ST visitors (comments, trackbacks, and email policy)

(updated and revised 1-9-06 )

… the visitors list for ST continues to grow. I’d like to say thank you to the regulars who stop by here often and welcome to the new ST visitors who’ve stopped by lately. Please make yourselves comfortable, and feel free to peruse my over-two years of (mostly) political postings. Just a few reminders for the regulars and new info for newbies:

1) Comments and trackbacks: Comments should appear as soon as you post them – unless you are new, a troll, a spammer, or have posted something within your comment that has bumped up against my words filter, which means the comment is held in moderation til I get a chance to release it; in that case it shouldn’t take too long before it gets released. Note to newbies: it’s generally bad form to insult the blog host right out of the gate, or show strong signs of being afflicted with BDS. That usually means what you post will be dumped straightaway. Oh, and please don’t attempt to post here with the name “anonymous” as your post will not go through – that one is a bit overused, methinks.

I generally frown on cursing (especially the “s” and “f” word, and crude insults (like the “c” and “d” words) and will edit posts that I catch using those words.

Important note for for first-time commenters: When you initially post a comment, the only person who sees it on the blog itself is you. But if you hit refresh immediately, you will see that it is not there. This is a Word Press issue, not mine. First-time comments are always moderated. I have been accused in the past of deleting a first-time comment “after” it has been posted, when it actuality it never was posted directly to the blog to begin with. First-time comments are held in moderation and will only get posted if I approve them.

Note: Remember, you don’t have First Amendment rights on any blog. Every blogger has their own comment policy unique to their blog. I have mine, and if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to stay here and your best option would be at that point to find another blog more suitable to your liking. If you are attempting to post here and you’ve already been warned to stop, you are wasting my time and yours. Please find something else constructive to do with your time while the rest of us discuss the issues.

Maximum number of links in the comments section per post: 4 (and no, that doesn’t mean you can post 4 links and then immediately turn around and post 4 more). Important: if you have trackbacked to a post here but did not include a link to my post in yours, your trackback will be deleted.

2) Blogroll: In what can only be described as a cheap plug on my own blog , for any bloggers who visit who like the opinions expressed here by the hostess, please consider blogrolling me. That actually goes, too, for those who may not agree with me but nevertheless respect my opinion. The blogroll link is listed above my blogroll on the righthand side of this page (if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see it).

3) Suggestions and thoughts: Thoughts as to the look and feel of the blog are welcome. Please submit any such comments or suggestions to my email address, posted underneath my pic on the right hand side of this page.

4) Emails: I do try to respond to as many emails I get as possible. Please keep in mind that it may take a couple of days as my inbox gets more full each day. A reply is not guaranteed, but please know that I read every email sent to me (unless it’s obviously from a troll).

Note: Any email sent to me will be considered publishable unless you expressly tell me not to. I will usually ask first.

5) Tips: I appreciate all topic and link tips sent to me and will consider posting them on the blog. Most of the time, I don’t respond to tip emails, unless it’s a link I have decided to post and blog about here. To non-bloggers: please let me know if you *don’t* want for me to give you the customary hat tip on the blog for emailing me the link. If you don’t let me know one way or the other, I will assume you don’t mind me mentioning that you sent it.

4) If you want to know more about me and my conservative credentials, click here. I think that’s it for now. Thanks again to all for visiting and reading ST!