About that letter…

Remember this letter regarding how ‘disgusted’ the signatories (former ‘intelligence officials) were with the Bush administration’s handling of Nadagate? It was of course, trumped up by both the liberal media and the lefty blogosphere – including David Corn, (who incidently is the guy Cliff May believes leaked [with Joe Wilson’s assistance] Valerie Plame’s ‘covert’ status to the media) among others.

Well John Cole and others at Red State have done some digging into the signatories’ backgrounds, and found some things that bring their credibility to question. Read this post for more (make sure to scroll down). Funny how the media didn’t trump up the left-wing backgrounds of the signatories, eh? Funny but not surprising.

On a related note, lefty blogger Atrios is blaming “Bush and the right” for the mistaken identity shooting in London that happened Friday. More debate on this at John Cole’s blog. Make sure to voice your opinion in the comments section.

(Wink: Jeff Goldstein – for both the info on the letter and info about the debate going on at Balloon Juice)