Air America loan scandal roundup

Posted by: ST on August 2, 2005 at 9:38 am

Blogging may be light today here at ST but I wanted to link up to the latest in the blogosphere regarding the Air America loan scandal.  The MSM is falling down on the job (surprise) but luckily the blogosphere presses on for the truth.  You’ll find the latest at the following blogs:

Brian Maloney, Michelle Malkin, Captain Ed, Wizbang ….

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2 Responses to “Air America loan scandal roundup”


  1. fine dry wit says:

    Hey Sis-I spent the weekend “trolling” at the Air America blogs, and they hype was roiling the waters of denial there. Many there believe that no matter what, Karl Rove is behind AAR’s problems. I appreciate your graphic at the top of the page, and the insight below it. Keep up the great blogwork!

  2. Much appreciated wit … and isn’t *everything* a Rovian conspiracy? 😆