NYT coverage of the Air America scandal

This scandal hit the blogosphere about a week ago and still nothing from from the NYTimes and other major media outlets.  John at Powerline writes:

The New York Times has yet to print a single word about the scandal; when the Times last covered Air America, it was to promote Al Franken as a Senate candidate. Normally, one might expect the Times to be interested in this kind of story. In today’s paper, for example, the Times covers a much more boring controversy in which Westchester County’s District Attorney is being pressed to reimburse the county for the expense of after-hours security. The story is a yawner. The DA has a legitimate argument that she needs 24-hour security because of her job; there are no falsified reports or conflicting stories; no one is stealing money from poor children or Alzheimer’s victims; and no one is funding a controversial political and commercial enterprise. Yet the Times finds the story newsworthy, while ignoring Air Enron, which is also taking place in its own back yard. Why? Well, maybe because it’s because the Westchester DA is a Republican, Jeanine Pirro, who is interested in higher office. Or maybe it’s because no hard work–like actually carrying out an investigation–was necessary; all the Times had to do was quote Democratic Party spokesmen.

Precisely. Had this been a scandal involving Rush Limbaugh, the media would have been all over it.  Instead, they are engaged in business as usual – which means the blogosphere will have to do their jobs for them.

More from Austin Bay.

By the way, please check out Michelle Malkin’s latest column on this scandal: Air America and the race hustlers.  And make sure to take a look at the cover of her upcoming book :)

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Blogger/Journalist Steven Vincent murdered in Iraq

The Associated Press is reporting this morning that Vincent was found shot to death in Basra.  More:

Vincent’s body was discovered on the side of the highway south of Basra later. He had been shot in the head and multiple times in the body, al-Zaidi said.

Police said Vincent, a writer who had been living in New York, had been staying in Basra for several months working on a book about the history of the city.

In an opinion column published July 31 in The New York Times, Vincent wrote that Basra’s police force had been heavily infiltrated by members of Shiite political groups, including those loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

Vincent quoted an unidentified Iraqi police lieutenant as saying that some police were behind many of the assassinations of former Baath Party members that have taken place in Basra.

"He told me that there is even a sort of "death car" — a white Toyota Mark II that glides through the city streets, carrying off-duty police officers in the pay of extremist religious groups to their next assignment," he wrote.

Vincent was also critical of the British military, which is responsible for security in Basra, for turning a blind eye to abuses of power by Shiite extremists in the city.

He was the author of "In the Red Zone: A Journey Into the Soul of Iraq," a recently published book that was an account of life in a post-Saddam Iraq.

Captain Ed writes:

Lately, the BBC says, Vincent had written about the issues in the British sector around Basra. He had told people about Shi’a radicals infiltrating the local police in the area, taking advantage of their position to assassinate former Ba’ath party members. His kidnappers may come from that group, rather than a Zarqawi faction; one would suppose that the latter would have taken advantage of Vincent’s notoriety in the West for a ransom demand or at least a videotaped execution and statement. His business relationship with Nour Weidi could also have offended locals — he wrote about that danger in his book, and it could explain why she got shot as well as Vincent.

Unfortunately, we will likely never know the full circumstances.

This is quite a blow for everyone who cares about the Iraq issue, the blogosphere, journalism — but most of all, for those of us whom Stephen touched in one small way or another. He knew the risks and went to Iraq anyway because he felt that the stories and voices of the Iraqi people must be heard. That kind of courage will be missed most of all.

Godspeed and farewell, Stephen.

I echo that sentiment.  

Others blogging about this story: Chrenkoff, Michelle Malkin, Lorie Byrd, La Shawn Barber, Publius Pundit, Tigerhawk, Mark Tapscott, Jim Henley, James Joyner

More: Vincent’s last article, published hours before his murder.  View Vincent’s blog here.

Weds Evening Update:  From Smash, here’s a good way to show your condolences to the Vincent family (hat tip: Captain Ed)

The award for most likely to suppress voters in 2004 goes to?

The Democratic party (emphasis added by me):

The American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund today released the most comprehensive and authoritative review of the facts surrounding allegations of vote fraud, intimidation and suppression made during the 2004 presidential election.

The ACVR Legislative Fund report, "Vote Fraud, Intimidation & Suppression In The 2004 Presidential Election," finds that while Democrats routinely accuse Republicans of voter intimidation and suppression, neither party has a clean record on the issue. The report finds that paid Democrat operatives were far more involved in voter intimidation and suppression activities than were their Republican counterparts during the 2004 presidential election. Examples include paid Democrat operatives charged with slashing tires on GOP get-out-the-vote vans in Milwaukee and an Ohio court order stopping Democrat operatives from calling voters telling them the wrong date for the election and faulty polling place information.

The report further finds that thousands of Americans were disenfranchised by illegal votes cast and a coordinated effort by members of certain "nonpartisan" organizations to rig the election system through voter registration fraud in more than a dozen states. Examples include a law enforcement task force finding "clear evidence of fraud in the Nov. 2 election in Milwaukee," including hundreds of felon and double voters and thousands more ballots cast than voters recorded as having voted in the city and multiple indictments and convictions of ACORN workers for voter registration fraud in several states.

And just what do they recommend to cut down on these types of voter intimidation and suppression?

In addition to common-sense recommendations such as required government issued photo ID at the polls, accurate statewide voter registration databases and a zero-tolerance policy against vote fraud and intimidation, ACVR Legislative Fund identifies five cities as election fraud "hot spots" which require additional immediate attention prior to the 2006 elections. Philadelphia, Pa., Milwaukee, Wis., Seattle, Wash., St. Louis/East St. Louis, Mo./Ill. and Cleveland, Ohio were identified based on the findings of the report and the cities’ documented history of fraud and intimidation.

Gasp! Not the dreaded photo ID suggestion.

While neither party’s hands are clean, this report puts a serious dent in Democratic claims of Republicans being the champions of "stealing" (or attempting to) elections.   A good place to go for a refresher on Dem attempts at voter suppression and intimidation is Bill Hobbs blog.  He did an outstanding job of keeping tabs on stories that made it across the wire about Democratic shenanigans. 

Wink: Joe Gandelman. Read more at The Anchoress.

(Morning Update: 8/3/05: read Joe’s revised post … this group appears to have some GOP leanings which may call into question some of the findings).

In the meantime, Ohio’s 2nd District Congressional seat has finally been called.  The winner was Republican Jean Schmidt:

US HOUSE Ohio 2nd Dist
753 precincts of 753 reporting

  JEAN SCHMIDT 57,974 52% (W)
  PAUL HACKETT 54,401 48%

Expect shrill cries from the left of "stolen!" and other additional nonsense.  But that report from ACVR couldn’t have come at a better time, could it?  Morning Update: 8/3/05 : read Joe Gandelman’s revised post (already linked above) … this group appears to have some GOP leanings which may call into question some of the findings.

See Right Wing News, Captain EdMichelle MalkinWizbang, and Iowa Voice for more comment. 

More: Trey Jackson has the ad that Hackett ran against Schmidt, and said earlier: "Ohio deserves better." 

They got it .

Even more: Tom Blumer at Bizzy Blog (who liveblogged as the votes were being counted) gives 20 reasons why Schmidt should have lost but didn’t.