Wacky headline of the week

Posted by: ST on August 3, 2005 at 10:56 pm

Democrats celebrate narrow U.S. House loss in Ohio

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    1. – No doubt the Lie’berals will break out into wholesale fits of ecstacy if they manage to lose a few more seats in the House and Senate in 2006.

    2. It kinda makes you wonder why they weren’t shouting with glee after the 04 elections ;)

    3. The libs have gone ’round the bend at last. *sigh*

    4. I wonder what the libs are going to do when they dont have george w bush to blame for their probs anymore.

    5. What’s troubling here is that Dems will be encouraged to find candidates more candidates like Hackett, who on the face of it seem to be reasonable in their views regarding the war on terror. The fact that this guy said one thing in his TV ads in the district and another thing in other fora is proof that Dems will continue to try and deceive voters about their true stands on issues.

      And of course Schimdt’s margin would have been higher if the rank and file wasn’t so ticked at tax raising Gov. Taft and cry-baby over Bolton Voinovich.

    6. Hey Mike – haven’t seen ya in a while. Welcome back.

      Re: Schmidt, I don’t know much about her – I’m just chuckling over how her win has been construed as a victory for the Dems.