Correction to Tammy Bruce show broadcast times

A reader has emailed me to let me know that Tammy Bruce’s radio program does *not* air M-F 9-noon PT on KABC.  Her website reads kinda confusing on that, so I’m just going to post what she has there and maybe you guys can figure it out ;) One thing for sure: her show does air Saturdays from 4-7pm PT on KABC.  Here’s what her website says:

The Tammy Bruce Show
is now national and syndicated!
Mon-Fri 9am-12pm PT
Every Saturday from 4 to 7pm PT!

For the Saturday show, Tammy’s flagship station is KABC in Los Angeles, and national syndication is distributed by Talk Radio Network, which offers streaming audio for members. If you’re not within range of KABC, check your local listings or demand that your local station carry Tammy. (KABC is not able to stream Tammy’s show over the Internet.)


Apologies for the confusion and thanks to "Stoo" for the tip :)