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Filmmaker Jason Apuzzo has an article up at Townhall.com that will likely make your blood boil.  Apparently, Hollywood studio executives are looking to cash in on the War On Terror with a spate of movies that (surprise) sypmpathize with the enemy.  A sneak peek:

–  "V For Vendetta." From Warner Brothers and the creators of "The Matrix" comes this film about a futuristic Great Britain that’s become a ‘fascist state.’ A masked ‘freedom fighter’ named V uses terror tactics (including bombing the London Underground) to undermine the government – leading to a climax in which the British Parliament is blown up. Natalie Portman stars as a skinhead who turns to ‘the revolution’ after doing time as a Guantanamo-style prisoner.

–  "Munich." Steven Spielberg directs this film about the aftermath of the 1972 Olympic terror attacks that killed eleven Israeli athletes. "Munich"’s screenplay is written by playwrite Tony Kushner ("Angels in America"), who has been quoted as saying: "I think the founding of the state of Israel was for the Jewish people a historical, moral, political calamity … I wish modern Israel hadn¹t been born." The film focuses on the crisis of conscience undergone by Israeli commandos tasked with killing PLO terrorists – rather than on the barbarity of the terrorists themselves.

– "Untitled Oliver Stone 9/11 Project." Paramount will distribute Oliver Stone’s new film recounting the rescue of two Port Authority officers after the 9/11 attacks. The film will star Nicholas Cage and Maggie Gyllenhaal – who recently suggested that America was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

As for Stone, he had this to say only a month after 9/11: "This attack was pure chaos, and chaos is energy. All great changes have come from people or events that were initially misunderstood, and seemed frightening, like madmen."

"Syriana." Starring George Clooney and Matt Damon, this Warner Brothers film – set during the first Bush administration – features a plot by American oil companies and the U.S. government to redraw Middle East borders for greater oil profiteering. The film even depicts a handsome, ‘tragic’ suicide bomber driven to jihad after being fired by an American oil company! The film’s climax comes with the jihadist launching an explosive device into an oil tanker as American oil barons and Saudi officials look on.

"The Scorpion’s Gate." Sony has optioned former terrorism-czar Richard Clarke’s novel about oil companies and Washington politicians colluding to reshape the map of the Middle East for greater oil profiteering – this time by launching a global nuclear war.

"The Chancellor Manuscript." Paramount reworks Robert Ludlum¹s 1977 thriller into an anti-Patriot Act star vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio. Here’s the film’s screenwriter, Michael Seitzman: "We live in this crazy post-Patriot Act environment where Benjamin Franklin¹s warning that ‘those that give up essential liberties for temporary security don¹t deserve either one’ are being ignored, so the subject matter seemed ripe."

"No True Glory: The Battle for Fallujah." Universal has attached Harrison Ford to star as real-life General Jim Mattis – in this story blaming the White House for the deaths of fifty Marines in one of the Iraq war’s deadliest battles. Based on the book of the same name by Bing West.

"American Dreamz." This ‘satire’ from Universal Pictures deals with Pakistani suicide bombers out to kill the US president. The film stars Hugh Grant, Richard Dreyfuss, Willem Dafoe and Mandy Moore. According to writer-director Paul Weitz ("American Pie"), "The film is a comic examination of … cultural obsessions" like the War on Terror "and how they can anaesthetise us to the actual issues of our day."

"Terminus." Set in the Middle East of the future, this Warner Brothers film depicts a ‘disillusioned’ war correspondent covering an ‘insurgency’ he decides he must support. The producer, Basil Iwanyk, says: "It deals head on with what some call insurgency, what some call guerilla warfare and what some call freedom fighting."

"Jarhead." This Universal release, starring Jamie Foxx and Jake Gyllenhaal, deals with the ‘dehumanization’ of Marine trainees prior to and during the 1991 Gulf War. Based on Andrew Swofford’s notorious and questionable memoirs of the same name.

And that’s not even a complete listing.   How do we fight back against this disgusting display of star-studded treason?  Apuzzo suggests:

The proper ‘response’ for this sort of thing is simple, if complex in execution. At some point conservatives need to raise capital, pick up cameras and start making movies of their own – much like Mel Gibson did with "The Passion." And conservatives should do this not simply to ‘rebut’ the other side, but to add depth and imagination to what has become a wasteland of popular entertainment. Most Hollywood insiders – even liberals – agree that Hollywood is in a creative depression. More conservative voices can only help what has become a bleak situation for the town, both artistically and financially.

Ab-so-lute-ly.   What a switch from how WWII (for example) was portrayed in Hollywood.   These ‘filmmakers’ would have thought twice before doing something like this back then.  But not now.  In fact, I’ve no doubt movies of this type are welcomed among the Hollywood elite. (Wink: Powerline)

On a related note, I see a few self-important twits are starting to contribute their oh-so-important opinions regarding Cindy Sheehan’s daily vigil nearby the President’s Crawford ranch.  Some words of ‘wisdom’ from actress  Christine Lahti:

Cindy Sheehan is my hero. She is the hero of all Americans who make up the 62% of us who oppose this war. As an American exercising her right to free speech, she is a brave, passionate, living example of democracy, and she has the undeniable force and the moral authority of a grieving mother. Being a mother of three, I can’t even imagine the depths of the grief she must feel having lost her son in this horrific war. But I can imagine that her grief and rage — her demand for justice and action — is a force that is unstoppable.

HERO? Cindy Sheehan is this woman’s HERO?  Ms. Lahti, I suggest you get a clue, lady, because the real heroes are the ones out there on the battlefield fighting for your right to say incredibly stupid things.  And in some instances, they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice (you ever heard of a soldier by the name of Casey Sheehan, Ms. Lahti?). 

Cindy Sheehan is a grieving mother, yes, and the sadness she feels right now is understandable.    But she is no hero.  When her own family is asking her to please stop what she’s doing, you know there’s a problem.  So Ms. Lahti, once again I implore you to:


And learn the meaning of the word "hero" before you start throwing it around, cheapening its meaning.  You, and the rest of your Hollywood elitists ought to be ashamed of yourselves.   I suppose this is your way of being "patriotic" though, eh?

(Wink: Jeff Goldstein)

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