Live blogging the Justice Sunday II conference

Posted by: ST on August 14, 2005 at 8:39 pm

What is Justice Sunday II?   Charmaine Yoest, who is liveblogging it, summed it up here:

That’s exactly what Justice Sunday is about – raising awareness among Christians of how important it is to be involved in the political process. And to highlight the important role the Supreme Court plays in shaping our culture.

Captain Ed was also invited to attend and has liveblogged the press conference here and follows up with more here on the actual event itself.  He’s also posted some pix of JSII protestors.

Make sure to check back to both Charmaine’s blog and Ed’s for updates.  Here’s the Justice Sunday website.

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  • Danny Carlton: codenamed "Jack Lewis" trackbacked with Justice Sunday II
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    1. Red Tory says:

      From ST: Red Tory, I’ve been waiting for your arrival. Via Sitemeter, I saw that my post about Cindy Sheehan had been linked up at one of the Air America blogs by a poster there to be discussed. Two other members of the discussion there have already been here posting here, civilly, but I’ll talk to them about this in the other thread. This particular comment is for you.

      You posted later on in the thread there at the Air America blog at 8:59 p.m.:

      “Perhaps I’ll go put her to the test. Let’s see how quickly I can get banned by THIS nitwit.”

      Congratulations. This “nitwit” just banned you.

      It’s really a shame it had to be this way. But you see I’m not really into letting people post here who insult me on other blogs behind my back. I’m sure you understand, as you have a blog of your own.

      I see you have posted a copy of the message you posted here in this thread there at the AA blog to brag to other people there about what you wrote. I’m glad you did, because it wasn’t going to stay up here. You had no intentions of having a rational dialogue with me when you first came here and accordingly, I have no intentions of allowing you to stay here and post about how much you hate Christian conservatives, especially considering you think THIS Christian conservative is a “nitwit.”

      You won’t be able to see this, but no doubt some of your pals at AA will see this and repost it for you to see at your own blog. And as is your right, you’ll no doubt slander me at the AA blog for “banning you for merely disagreeing with the blog hostess” when that isn’t the reason at all. The reason is you shouldn’t have disrespected me before you even got to know me. You deliberately came over here and started posting in order to antagonize me and belittle my beliefs. At least the other two people who came over from the AA blog gave me a chance to explain my position once they got here and we engaged in a civilized debate about the Sheehan issue. You, OTOH, didn’t and immediately went for talking down to me. That’s very junior-highish, and it won’t be tolerated here. So have fun dissing me all you want there. Because you (and your pals there) won’t be allowed to do it here. –ST