Pictures of counter-protest in Crawford

Posted by: ST on August 28, 2005 at 10:38 pm

Earlier this evening at Blogs For Bush, I blogged about the counter-protesters in Crawford, TX who support the President, the troops, and our mission in Iraq.  ST reader and commenter "Melissa in Texas" (thanks, Melissa!) emailed me some photos of the goings on in Crawford this weekend, including pictures of the pro Bush crowd (which included people from the "You Don’t Speak for Me, Cindy!" caravan).  Please slowly move your cursor over the pictures to view the captions.

Signing a card for W

Signing a card for the troops

Pro Bush Crawford crowd

The view of Camp Casey

Paint 4 Truth!

Wanting their relatives names removed from crosses displayed at Camp Casey

What 'the other side' saw :)

TRUE Freedom Fighters

More: Eric Pfeiffer at NRO’s "The Buzz" is live-blogging from Crawford.  Make sure to click on the main link there for updates often (hat tip: Blackfive)

Monday morning update: Michelle Malkin has a picture up of Cindy Sheehan embracing Al Sharpton, as well a links to a video montage from the Political Teen and a link from Little Green Footballs that points to obviously staged photos of Sheehan in front of the crosses in Crawford.

Linking up with Mudville Gazette’s open post.

Monday afternoon update:  Cindy Sheehan calls Gold Star moms who support the President and the mission in Iraq "murder and mayhem moms" (hat tip: The Q&O Blog)

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  • 12 Responses to “Pictures of counter-protest in Crawford”


    1. Seth says:

      Nobody could ever accuse right-thinking Americans of hesitating to fight back when it becomes necessary, and to stand by our beliefs.
      Naturally, those pics will never see the inside of the “Newspaper of Record”, but WE know, and as “WWW” continues to challenge the politically biased liberties taken by “MSM”, more and more American voters will, too.

      :evil:= the precise expression on the face of a liberal reading this post.

    2. ttyler5 Houston says:

      Great pics!

    3. ArizonaTeach says:

      My favorite…the board full of names of people who want their family’s loved one’s name removed from Cindy’s Crosswalk of Shame. Of course, Cindy now calls them “Murder and mayhem moms” now.

    4. Seth: Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see if the NYTimes prints any pix from the Crawford pro-Bush rally. I’ve no doubt in my mind that the attn. it gets will be scant in comparison to Cindy Sheehan and her followers.

      Tyler: Thanks – I was so thankful Melissa sent them to me. Looking at them, it was sorta like being there :)

    5. AT: I like that one too, right along with the one about the real freedom fighters :)

    6. fine dry wit says:

      ST-thank you and Melissa for posting these pictures-it is wonderful to see democracy being actively engaged in-the one question I have is whether that is an accurate Sheehan quote, about “Murder and mayhem moms”-that seems too shocking to be real.
      If she truly said that, she’s moved on from Bush and the military to insult women who’ve lost sons just has she did-horrible!
      I thought that she had hit the lowest possible point when Al Sharpton hugged her.
      Sister, you have a great blog-thank you.

    7. Phillep says:

      Gee, you know, if the New York Times thinks there is no support for Bush in Crawford, then the fact that the Bush supporters outnumber Sheehan’s crowd should be front page news, right?

      The only way it’s not news is for it to be something everyone knows and expects, like “dog bites man”. Right?

      I’m sure we are going to see some screaming headlines about that tomorrow.


      Right next to the announcement that the annual pig migration is flying north for the winter.

    8. Melissa in Texas says:

      WOW! I just found an incredible letter to Sheehan in Iraq the Model
      read this…

    9. GodBlessAmerica says:

      I wish all Iraqis felt that way. I would settle for most. Who am I kidding I would settle for third of Iraqis wanting us to occupy their country.

      Wishful thinking on my part.

    10. Wit: Thanks! Good to see you here again .. seems like it’s been a while.

      Phillep: LOL! Welcome to the ST blog … I think your assessment is spot on.

      Melissa: Yep, that’s a great letter – posted it a couple of weeks ago here. That blog is a daily read for me and hopefully for others too.

      GBA: I highly doubt that. Even if every last person in that country wanted us there I don’t think it would please the folks who think the President lied to get us there in the first place. You’d just fine something else to complain about. Is that about right?