Exploiting the Katrina tragedy

Posted by: ST on September 8, 2005 at 9:58 am

Via USA Today:

The televised images of poverty-stricken evacuees from Hurricane Katrina are part of a provocative, last-minute effort by a liberal interest group to divert federal Judge John Roberts’ path to confirmation as chief justice.

MoveOn.org Political Action plans to unveil a TV ad on Monday that questions whether Roberts is sensitive enough to civil rights concerns to lead the Supreme Court. The ad suggests that the plight of the mostly African-American evacuees in New Orleans showed that poverty remains a serious problem among minorities, said Ben Brandzel, the group’s advocacy director. In a mix of judicial and racial politics, the ad then suggests that minorities could suffer if the Senate confirms Roberts.

"The connection is obvious," Brandzel said. "The images after Hurricane Katrina show we still live in a society where significant racial inequities exist. We believe John Roberts’ record on civil rights … is clearly not the direction our country needs to head now."

Hat tip: John Cole

The desperation of those opposed to Judge John Roberts couldn’t be more obvious.  First, the liberal feminist group NARAL tried to paint Roberts as a supporter of abortion clinic bombers.  As if that wasn’t enough, we now have a liberal group politicizing the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.  Disgraceful.

PM Update:  USA Today is now reporting that MoveOn has decided not to run the ad.

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3 Responses to “Exploiting the Katrina tragedy”


  1. If this is correct, MoveOnDown has indeed reached a new low. Speak of trying to ‘connect far-apart dots’! Only MOD would attempt to leverage a hurricane’s impact on poor blacks into a talking point against a USSC nominee who has nothing whatever to do with their plight.

    NEXT: “Judge Roberts May Be Partly Responsible for Desertification in Sub-Saharan Africa”

  2. “NEXT: “Judge Roberts May Be Partly Responsible for Desertification in Sub-Saharan Africa” ”

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see that ;)

  3. Baklava says:

    I actually don’t believe we can come up with a scenario too low for Move Down.org

    Again. Liberals actually think they know what’s in non-liberals hearts and minds. They actually think that Judge Roberts wants people to be poor.

    The problem is that liberals don’t understand that it’s better to teach someone how to fish than give them fish. The safety nets should remain undiluted for people who are not able-bodied or elderly. It does not have the result of helping people who need help by putting them in a dependency state or diluting the safety net for those who not able-bodied with a mass of people who are able bodied.

    And the funnier thing is that liberals don’t seem to understand that our government is so far left (big) and getting bigger every year that they have mostly what they want. Conservatives haven’t seen the government even stay the same size let alone shrink in over 6 decades. While liberals are getting what they want they are getting more and more shrill and extreme.

    Can’t wait to see what happens when a non-left of center president actually gets elected again…