Galloway vs. Hitchens: Coming this Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago, I noted with excitement the upcoming debate between Respect MP and terrorist supporter George Galloway and Iraq war supporter Christopher Hitchens. This post serves as a reminder that the debate is two days away.

Anyone attending please email me your recap or post it here. I can’t wait to read about what happened! See this post for the exact time and place for the event.

Hitchens begins the smackdown of Galloway here:

There has been a real question as to whether or not Galloway does all these favors to despots for free. A shallow and superficial press has allowed itself to be used as his megaphone and has allowed him to change the subject by means of tirades of abuse that are considered brilliantly apt and witty. At, you will find a compilation of the hard evidence that he has very good reason to try and change this dangerous subject; you will also find a great deal more chapter and verse about the record and the true opinions of this disgusting figure.

Lots more to come on Wednesday, I’m sure :) Hitchens does note in that article that the event will be broadcast here so if you can access it Wednesday, please do!

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