Hurricane Governors ratings soar – except for Blanco

Via Survey USA:

Haley Barbour (R, Mississippi) +26
Bob Riley (R, Alabama) +21
Mike Easley (D, North Carolina) +19
Sonny Perdue (R, Georgia) +18
Rick Perry (R, Texas) +17
Kathleen Blanco (D, Louisiana) -22

I’m not sure if Gov. Blanco is eligible to run again, but if she is, she’s going to have a tough battle in winning back the hearts and minds of the people in her state.

Hat tip: James Joyner

PM Update: Jeff at Protein Wisdom weighs in:

Perhaps counterintuitively, I’m going to conclude that this is a net win for Blanco, who, from every objective indication, was the fulcrum for the civil and relief breakdowns in NOLA in the wake of Katrina. That her favorability rating has only taken a 9% hit is, to my mind, astoundingโ€”and a testament the power of the media, whose focus on the third-responder “failures” of FEMA and Michael Brown clearly has helped shape public opinion. Had early media attention concentrated on illuminating the chain of response and command noted in federal and state documents, then from there identified actual points of breakdown and their specific reasons (request of additional Guard troops to maintain order and increase the numbers of troops engaged in rescue efforts; blocking relief into the Superdome; refusing to surrender control to the fedsโ€”or even agree to a joint control structure), I’ve no doubt Blanco’s numbers would be far worse.

Good point.

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