Way to go, CavalierX!

Posted by: ST on October 2, 2005 at 10:22 pm

Major congrats to CavalierX who was interviewed by the one and only G. Gordon Liddy on Sept. 27th.  Yes, you read that right: GGL interviewed Cav :)

Read the post where Cav discusses how it all happened and what the topic matter was here.  He provided a transcript link and an audio link to the interview in that same post.

Now, Cav says he was nervous (wouldn’t we all be?) but he certainly didn’t sound nervous.  You did a great job, Cav, so take a bow and accept all the flowers and accolades that get thrown your way!

I should also mention that Cav was one of the first bloggers to link up to my site as well as to comment here … so I guess we could call him a ‘veteran reader’ of the ST blog emoticon

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2 Responses to “Way to go, CavalierX!”


  1. CavalierX says:

    Thanks, ST; I appreciate the mention and the kind words. The nerves came out in my tendency to overstate my points (“beyond a shadow of a doubt” was a bit much). I didn’t think to mention my own blog until the end, but they cut the mike right after I said my thanks. 😥

  2. Cav, IMO you didn’t overstate your points at all! Liddy likes forcefulness out of conservatives, afterall :)