L.A. school district assists students in attending anti-Bush rally

Your tax dollars hard at work (emphasis added):

LOS ANGELES — An anti-administration group called on Los Angeles adults and children to skip work or school Wednesday as a mark of protest on the anniversary of President George W. Bush’s election to a second term.

In Los Angeles, gatherings were scheduled along Wilshire Boulevard, from downtown to the ocean, beginning at noon, according to the group. At 3:45 p.m., a rally and march were scheduled outside the federal building in Westwood, Lee said.


More than 800 Los Angeles Unified students walked out of their high schools Wednesday as part of a nationwide protest against the administration.

Adults accompanied groups of students “in all cases” as they left from 10 high schools — Los Angeles High, Van Nuys High, Downtown Business Magnet, Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet, Marshall High, Hamilton High, Fairfax High, Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet, Lincoln High and Belmont High, said Dan Isaacs, the district’s chief operating officer.

“Our issue… was safety, and I think we fulfilled our mission, frankly,” Isaacs said.

The groups varied in size from 10 to 250, he said. The district sent staff, school police and youth relations personnel to walk with the teenagers and made buses available to take the students back to school when they got tired.

One wonders if this ‘generosity’ would have been extended if we were talking about a pro-Bush rally?

So much for learning the basics.

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