What a joke

Via the Guardian:

George Galloway yesterday defended his decision to miss this week’s key Commons vote on new anti-terror legislation, claiming he was legally obliged to attend a lucrative speaking engagement instead.
The Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, who swept to victory on an anti-war platform, was 350 miles away in Cork on his one-man tour, An Audience With George Galloway, subtitled The Mother of All One Man Shows.

The government prevailed by just one vote in a section of the bill outlawing the glorification of terrorism. The MP said dates for the speaking engagement were fixed before the schedule for the Commons vote was known. He told the Guardian that the £1,000 fees from each show on the tour are needed to finance Respect.

As it always has been with goulish George, it’s about money over country. To paraphrase: ‘I had to miss an anti-terror legislation vote because I was legally bound to an engagement that would have helped finance my political party.’

What a revolting human being.

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