House GOP CAVE-men

… and women? It appears that the House GOP has caved on a House bill that included a plan to open up ANWR for oil drilling thanks to objections from …. other Republicans. Via AP:

WASHINGTON – House leaders late Wednesday abandoned an attempt to push through a hotly contested plan to open an Alaskan wildlife refuge to oil drilling, fearing it would jeopardize approval of a sweeping budget bill Thursday.


Still, the Senate has included ANWR drilling in its budget bill and GOP leaders will push hard for any final House-Senate budget bill to include it.

If the House bill passes in a vote set for Thursday, the two chambers would appoint negotiators to work out differences between the bills. Senate Republicans could insist the ANWR drilling proposal be reinserted into the House bill, forcing a new vote by the full House.

The House Rules Committee formalized the change late Wednesday by issuing the terms of the debate when the House takes up the budget package on Thursday.

The decision to drop the ANWR drilling language came after GOP moderates said they would oppose the budget if it was kept in the bill. The offshore drilling provision was also viewed as too contentious and a threat to the bill, especially in the Senate.

*sigh* I don’t have hope for this bill, even after the revote. It’s bad enough when a long sought-after Republican initiative gets watered down or dropped due to ‘concerns’ from Democratic congresspeople. But when the threat of non-passage comes from your own side of the fence?

I’m with my buddy Cal on this one, who included the following in his letter to the GOP ‘leadership’:

In politics, being a “moderate” is just another word for a leader without conviction. I expect more from the GOP.

Indeed so, as it relates to the moderates in this Congress.

I urge you to write your House representative (and include a copy to the ‘leaders’ in the House as well) and let him/her know how you feel about this latest GOP cave.

Michelle Malkin has posted conservative reactions to this GOP cave here and here.

Thanks (not) to the “Republican Main Street Partnership” for this.

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