Investigations begin into the NSA eavesdropping leak

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Fox is reporting just now … don’t have a link just yet. The Justice Dept. is now conducting an investigation into just who leaked the information about the NSA eavesdropping to the press.

Good. I hope they find out who leaked this. Whether Dem or Republican, the person(s) responsible must be held accountable for a leak that *truly* has the potential of damaging our national security (unlike Lamega .. er, Plamegate).

Update: Here’s a link to the story.

Ok, I’m really logging off now :)

PM UPDATE: Flopping Aces has a must-read post with info from sources who are saying that the identity(ies) of the leaker(s) is/are known. Please read that post.

Also, check out the ‘random thoughts’ section of Michelle Malkin’s post on this story. She’s right on.

PM UPDATE II: The ACLU wants this investigation called off. Jay at Stop the ACLU has the lowdown.

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