British school bans raising hands

The UK Telegraph reports:

Pupils have been stopped from putting their hands up to answer questions because their school believes it leads to feelings of victimisation.

“No hands up” notices have been posted in every room at the Jo Richardson comprehensive in Dagenham, east London, as a reminder that the teachers will decide who should answer.

The head, Andrew Buck, says it is always the same children who wave their arms in the air, while the rest of the class sits back. When teachers try to involve less adventurous pupils by choosing them instead, that leads to feelings of victimisation.

Mr Buck believes that it can also cause panic in children who are picked but do not know the answer while others around them are straining to give it. To spare the embarrassment of those who do not know the answer, the school uses a “phone a friend” system, allowing one child to nominate another to take the question instead.

File this under “what will they think of next?”

Hat tip: The Steel Deal (via Bill Quick)

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