Bomb threats made against Danish paper over Mohammed cartoons

Radical representatives aka thugs of the so-called “religion of peace” have issued bomb threats against a Danish newspaper for printing cartoons some in the Muslim community determined were outrageous and ‘unfair’. Via the UK Independent:

A Danish newspaper suffered bomb scares a day after apologising for cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed which prompted protests from Muslims and a boycott of Danish products in a dozen nations.

The offices of Jyllands-Posten in Copenhagen and Arhus were evacuated as the storm continued over its publication last September of a series of 12 satirical cartoons regarded by many Muslims as blasphemous.

In Gaza, demonstrators burnt Danish flags, chanting “War on Denmark, Death to Denmark” while a boycott of Danish goods spread from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to states throughout the Middle East and north Africa. Saudi Arabia has already recalled its ambassador from Copenhagen and Libya has closed its embassy. Sudan is the latest nation to join the boycott of Danish goods which has forced the Danish-based dairy Arla Foods to close its plant in Riyadh. The EU has intervened, warning Saudi Arabia that, if it encourages the boycott, it will be in breach of its obligations in the World Trade Organisation.

The cartoons included one that showed Mohamed wearing a bomb in place of a turban. Any visual depiction of the Prophet is considered to be blasphemy, according to the teachings of Islam.

Isn’t it mildly ironic that the very images that these Muslims are so outraged about are actually playing themselves out in real life via the bomb threats? Amazing.

In the meantime, a French editor has been fired for allowing the cartoons to be printed in the paper France Soir. Now, if this has been a series of cartoons depicting Christians in a negative light, you wouldn’t see near the foaming-at-the-mouth outrage …. and certainly not the bomb threats. You’d see everyday ordinary Christians protesting it peacefully – and it’s doubtful any editors would get fired over the printing of such cartoons.

Two words: BUY DANISH! :) (Edited to add link)

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