Scary stuff

Want to hear what it sounds like to have a fanatical anti-America high school teacher trying to indoctrinate a classroom full of teenagers to hate America? Click here to listen.

To classify this as disturbing would be an understatement.

It reminds me a lot of the political indoctrination that was attempted here as well as here.

But I’m sure we can just chalk all this up as a mere ‘civics’ lesson, right?

PM Update: And in one Parsippany, NJ school, a mock ‘hearing’ is held – trying the President for “crimes against civilian populations” and “inhumane treatment of prisoners.”

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  1. PCD DUDE where do you get your smoke from I mean I know a few dudes here in the city but you must be BLASTED if you think the Dems are going to lose seats in 06′. Make sure you hand over you e-mail address so we can make a business transaction bro.LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))

  2. Tommy, you and solitaire have a problem. The both of you try to sell Bush Hate and have nothing else. You’ve lost 2 Presidential elections and the 02 elections running that play book. Guess you two are dumb enough to run into the brick wall again.

  3. Shoot we’ll climb over it this time mark my words. It’s a done deal the ship called the G.O.P. is sinking homeboy. It’s a matter of time bro. Mark my words.

  4. Solitaire wrote, “people HATE him

    We can see that! They even make inaccurate/incorrect accusations due to the hate.

    Solitaire wrote, “and the result will be quite evident in the 2006 elections

    Maybe. You may be bleeting loud enough to enough sheep but the trend of the last decade is that more and more people are converting to conservativism due to the behavior and words of people like you and people in the legacy media. Conservatives recognize that Bush isn’t conservative so he has almost ZERO influence on the elections of 2006.

    PCD wrote, “and have nothing else

    Aint that the truth. No ideas. Nothing. Same ole same ole.

  5. Curious about one thing though.

    Doesn’t Hillary have to win her re-election to NYC before she can run for president?

    If she does run for president, isn’t she abandoning her responsibilities to NYC? Only using it as a springboard? How will that sit for those that may or may not vote for her for re-election to senate?

    If she loses the re-election, will she or can she still run for president?

  6. Sanity she’s running for the Senate not Mayor and she’ll win in a landslide here in the Sane Northeast. I don’t she’ll win against McCain or Giulani for that matter but if youse on the right put up some neo-con she’ll become our 44th president.

  7. For thos eof you who just LOVE polls, here some on Hillary:

    Hillary Meter: 48% Say She’s Politically Liberal

    February 23, 2006–Support for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid remains near its lowest level of the past year.

    Today, just 28% of Americans say they would definitely vote for the former first lady while 41% would definitely vote against. That’s little changed from two weeks ago when just 27% said they would vote for Clinton.

    This is the first time ever that back-to-back surveys have found the number who would definitely vote against the New York Senator topped 40% (see trends).

    Still, 59% of Americans believe it is somewhat or very likely that she will be the Democrat’s nominee in 2008.

    Crosstabs are available for Premium Members.

    Senator Clinton is viewed as politically liberal by 48% of voters (up from 45% two weeks ago). Thirty-two percent (32%) see her as politically moderate.

    Collectively, today’s Hillary Meter places Senator Clinton a net 58 points to the left of the nation’s political center. That’s five points further to the left than two weeks ago.


    This Marist College Institute for Public Opinion poll of New York State reports:

    Hillary Clinton is the odds-on favorite in her re-election bid but faces a skeptical New York audience for a presidential run: Many of New York State’s registered voters say they like Senator Clinton more now than they did just a couple of years ago, and a majority plan to vote to re-elect her to the U.S. Senate this November. But when asked about her potential presidential candidacy in 2008, New Yorkers divide over whether they want to see her enter the presidential sweepstakes. Only 41% want to see her on the presidential campaign hustings compared with 49% who do not. Although 59% believe she will run in 2008, most New Yorkers think she would face an uphill fight that she is not likely to win. 51% of voters also believe that Senator Clinton will be treated more harshly than her competitors in a campaign for the White House.

    Specific NYC Poll

    Just some physical perpective through polling I suppose.

    Again, as Baklava says, polling can be scewed for the results, but visit the sites and look at the questions and breakdowns and judge for yourself.

  8. tommy, two words, “Clinton Fatigue”. People are tired of their constant lying and being a pair of shysters. She’s DOA if she’s nominated and most of your party leaders know it but are too afraid of far left wingers like you to say so.

  9. Mr. Bennish taught Social Studies and American History and not Biology???? Bringing up bush was fine. bush and Hitler both invaded a country. Hitler and bush both believe that their world vies was/is the only acceptable one. They are/were both wrong. All of those are comparisons between the two and are true. Peace

  10. Wrong again steve, Bennish was teaching world geography. All comparisons of you to a bag full of hammers or a colony of cherrystone clams are true. Peace through superior firepower.

  11. =)) Severian! Thanks for that cherrystone clam analogy! One of my students just googled it and we’ve discovered how widespread they are.

  12. Two comments here:

    Steve said:

    “Capitalism is a horrible economic system, especially the way that bush practices it. Capitalism seems to be interferring with the healthy operation of our republic these days. Too much money in politics, the wrong people buying our ports, oil cartels allowed to exist and many other bad activities. Capitalism requires a through investigation and possible corrective legislation.”

    I gotta disagree with you here my friend. That’s like saying ban guns because they kill people. Rediculous. The problem is this “individualistic” nature our society has shifted towards. Too much emphasis is placed on the gain of materialistic ideals and too little emphasis is placed on philanthropic ideals. Not to say that philanthropy is dead…just on the decline. Americans are most benevolent, giving peoples in (I would argue) human history and that is why our system of capitolism has worked so well. That, has been the great equalizer between the have’s and have not’s.

    The alarming issue however, is that over the past few decades, the idea of philanthropy has diminished in our culture only to be replaced with a creeping sensation of the “get everything you can; for he who dies with the most wins” mentality. The Lou Gherigs and Mickey Mantles have been replaced by Dennis Rhodman and Kobe Bryiant. (Not to pick on basketball…I could have easily named more than a few stars that testified (lied) to congress last summer.)

    Although the majority of Americans are good benevolent people, for some reason these values simply aren’t represented relative to their prevelence….whether it be in our media, entertainment, sports, or in many cases, our leaders. Fear not though, the Americans are just napping and sooner (rather than later) the true spirit that founded this country will roar like the fires of the Phoenix!

    Second:CZ Said (as well as others in one form or another.)

    “Teachers are paid to teach academics, not to brainwash young minds with one ideology or the other.”

    I agree whole heartedly. The last thing I want is some fanatic spewing political hate or some other rediculous thing like the theory of creative design to my children in the classroom.

  13. steve you have no idea what hunter is like or what his teaching style is.

    Your little quips and one liners merit nothing and add nothing.

    If you trully wanted to know, without degrading someone like you just did, you would ask what he teaches, or how he teaches.

    But stuck in the other-world you seem to occupy, peace and love, chimes, and little fairies that float around your head….it doesn’t occur to you to actually ask real questions or inquire of things without putting someone down, or attacking anything and everyone associated with this administration as un-american, traitorous, evil, warmongers.

    Looking back, I really can’t say I have read anything positive that has come from you at all.

    And that steve, is the essense of the Democrat party….I have not seen or heard anything positive come from them either….in many years.

    And I think the public is getting fed up with it.

  14. \:d/ Is anyone else having difficulties activating the various posts an ST’s site? I have to keep hitting the refresh button.

  15. Sanity, as part of my teaching tools mentioned earlier, you can’t find better humor or examples of hypocrisy, in the questions asked about the steves of the various sites. The “from out of the mouths of babes” questions are absolutely amazing. =))

  16. It’s a hard issue to fix. I heard a *lot* of hyperbolic anti-Clinton rants during the few years I was in private school in the 90s. As the years progressed, I learned a number of them were out-of-context or just plain untrue.

    I’m still not a fan of Clinton; but it’s hard to get too bent out of shape about this when you know that, regardless of a President, some teacher is abusing their power with this sort of garbage

  17. Teacher re-instated.

    A Cherry Creek social studies teacher will not lose his job, after a student went public with a tape recording of controversial comments the teacher had made in class.

    Superintendent Monte C. Moses said Jay Bennish will be reinstated to his job at Overland High School, and will be teaching on Monday.


    Bennish had cited “eerie similarities” between Bush’s State of the Union address and “things that Adolf Hitler used to say.”

    Today in Washington, President Bush was asked about the Bennish controversy.

    “I think people should be allowed to criticize me all they want. And they do,” Bush said.

    Governor Bill Owens released a statement this afternoon about the board’s decision.

    “My first thought is to thank Sean Allen for standing up and voicing his concern over a teacher who was using his classroom as a political soapbox. Second, I hope that Mr. Bennish will learn something from this and actually work to balance and improve his classroom presentation” said Owens, in the statement.


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