Scary stuff

Posted by: ST on March 2, 2006 at 8:55 am

Want to hear what it sounds like to have a fanatical anti-America high school teacher trying to indoctrinate a classroom full of teenagers to hate America? Click here to listen.

To classify this as disturbing would be an understatement.

It reminds me a lot of the political indoctrination that was attempted here as well as here.

But I’m sure we can just chalk all this up as a mere ‘civics’ lesson, right?

PM Update: And in one Parsippany, NJ school, a mock ‘hearing’ is held – trying the President for “crimes against civilian populations” and “inhumane treatment of prisoners.”

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    1. Norah says:

      Jay Bennish, who teaches 10th grade world geography, is being investigated for making biased, anti-President Bush comments in class during a discussion of the State of the Union speech last month.

      Excuse me, but that’s the sentence you should be concerned about.

      Thanks for proving the teacher’s point.

    2. “Thanks for proving the teacher’s point.”

      No, thank YOU for proving MINE.

    3. Baklava says:

      Amazing stuff.

    4. Baklava says:

      Norah, the previous paragraph said, “An Overland High School geography teacher was put on leave Wednesday while Cherry Creek Schools investigates whether he violated district policy that requires balanced viewpoints in the classroom.

      That would be the employer investigating the employee for breaking an employment rule. I have all kinds of rules and conditions that apply to me also. Do you not?

    5. tommy in nyc says:

      What I don’t understands is while this teacher did wrong? Is he moonbattish yeah but he made some true statements in his rant.

    6. PCD says:

      tommy, you don’t get it. POLITICS OUT OF THE CLASSROOM! Only teaching life skills! Also, as you been rebutted and proven wrong so many times, so is this teacher.

    7. Jim M says:

      I like how Norah left out the part about “having an opposing view point” to the left there is only one point. These liberals that think that Capitalism is bad I wonder how many of them have 401 Ks or chose the school to attend and what degree to pursue Oh and where to work. Do they really think they would have those choices under Communism? This article does not surprise me years ago they could be called “Public Schools” but they have become nothing more than Government Indoctrination Centers. That would have started when the Federal Government in 1972 started the Department of Education overseeing all of the public schools in every state. Then we have the Teachers union the largest union and it has already been proven that the Union doesn’t give a S#$T about the kids they only care about pay and benefits for union members! Instead of changing the curriculum to increase learning they will change the testing so more undereducated kids can pass it is nothing more than the dumbing down of America. We need to get rid of this Government monopoly on education and have school choice if we ever want this country to survive.

    8. Enrique says:

      Freedom of speech is NOT freedom from responsibility

      Baklava is absolutely correct in expressing that the issue is an employer taking action regarding an employee

      This teacher has EVERY RIGHT to think what she wants about anyone she wants to think about.
      But her JOB is to teach geography.
      Regardless of your viewpoint, pro or anti bush/iraq/capitalism
      When did this become part of geography lessons
      *Why are we fumigating coca crops in Bolivia and Peru if we’re not trying to control other parts of the world.
      *Why did we invade Iraq?!
      And many many many more comments.

      You could say that this kid got lucky and caught the teacher on the one time the discussion turned “left” but the overall tone of not only the teacher’s comments but the student responses to it indicate that this is pattern and habitual.

      *to be clear – i would have the same comments if it was PRO bush. My stance is i want teachers to TEACH their students, not slant their ideas.

    9. steve says:

      Most of what the teacher said “is”, depending on what the word is, is. Because the teacher is pointing out the “bad” things that America does, doesn’t make that person un-American. The Left feels that the Rightwing is being selfish at times and is not demanding what is best for all of America’s citizens. When you make a stew you put in some of this and some of that and too much of this or that will ruin it’s taste, yet you need all of the parts to make it whole. Peace

    10. sanity says:


      steve says, “Most of what the teacher said “is”, depending on what the word is, is. “

      Very Clintonian of you steve.
      Thanks for the chuckle.

      Steve says, “Because the teacher is pointing out the “bad” things that America does, doesn’t make that person un-American. “

      This person sounds like he hates America.
      He is not teaching, he is using his classroom in HIGH SCHOOL, not a University, to preach his opinion and not to teach what is in the Criculum.

      I heard tape excerpts this morning on Laura Ingraham and at first it didn’t seem too bad, but it got steadily worse.

      It is fine if your against Capitalism, but essentially saying it is the root cause of all evil is incorrect. The US GIVES more than most nations combined. That is because of Capitalism that we can do this. If the teacher wanted to make a comparison he could have compared Capitalism, Socialism and Communism and see which is the better system.

      But that is not what that class is suppose to be about. It is Geography, and not a Politics Class or Government Class.

      Lastly I am suprised at how this teacher went all over the place, from Capitalism, to Iraq, to equating the US to Nazi Germany.

      Moonbat doesn’t describe this guy, complete nut job might though.

      This teacher injected his own opinion in his teaching, his own politics. This is not a University, but a high school, where they have very strict teaching circulum.

      This teacher also is not tenured like a certain other outspoken liar we know about. He may not have a job much longer.

    11. Jim M says:

      Hey Steve you have to stick to the subject “Personal Politics in a Geography class” don’t let your mind wander Steve because it’s too small to be let out on its own!

      Steve said: “the teacher is pointing out the “bad” things that America does”

      For one thing what does that have to do with “Geography” here is the definition for you Steve: “The study of the earth and its features and of the distribution of life on the earth, including human life and the effects of human activity.” Do you see anything about “Politics” in that definition it hasn’t changed since I was in school? Steve is it a bad thing to try to stop cocaine before it enters the US?

      Steve also said: “The Left feels that the Rightwing is being selfish at times and is not demanding what is best for all of America’s citizens.”

      No Steve most of us that think and work for a living (Individuals) are not ready to have the Government take care of us from womb to tomb (The group mentality) another words communism. Because what the left wants would only benefit the weak minded and those that are leaching off society now.

      Steve we on the right like to have lefties around like you in the mix you are good for a laugh every now and then.

    12. blogagog says:

      What’s freaky is that some students are boycotting school because they suspended this hate-filled individual. Talk about brainwashed!

    13. Baklava says:

      Let’s just get back to Enrique’s point that, “Baklava is absolutely correct”.

      That is the main point here. ;)

      Just kidding. Thanks Enrique.

      You know, I absolutely hated paying for classes with my hard earned money where the college teacher went on a rant/tangent every 6 minutes when I was there to learn the subject material. For my psychology class it was a anti-gun rant every 6 minutes. I am NOT kidding. My psychology paper was on guess what… Guns. And I got an “A”. Because I did a good job and tied it to the subject material. :)>-

    14. Jim M says:

      Blogagog it’s not freaky we unfortunately have laws that keep Darwin from working before some of these imbeciles have offspring. Just think of the one’s that tried to emulate Jackass the Movie “Darwin at work”.

    15. blogagog says:

      Hehe good point :)

    16. I listened to the audio of TEACHER CAUGHT IN BUSH RANT, with great interest. Also, with sadness.

      My name is Michael Class. I live in the Seattle area with my wife and two children. I am a retired “dot-com” executive turned author, photographer, and publisher.

      I was appalled at how some teachers presented American history to my children. My son and daughter learned that Thomas Jefferson had slaves—before they learned that he wrote the document articulating our rights and duties as free people. European settlers killed Native Americans with blankets infected with smallpox, they found out. That allegation upstaged the stories of courage, perseverance, and curiosity that defined the pioneers. My children knew that more than a hundred thousand people died when the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, but they were not made to understand the moral context and the enormous scale of the conflict called World War II in which the atomic bomb story fit.

      With a curriculum seemingly designed to instill guilt and shame, I wondered, how will my kids ever discover the lessons of history that inspire greatness and noble aspirations? Will they ever believe that they can make a difference? Will they have any heroes left at all? Then, I wondered: What would the heroes of America’s past say to the children of today?

      I wrote, photographed, and published a book designed to set the record straight, to properly prepare our children for the future. My book is called Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame.

      If anyone knows where I can reach 10th-grader Sean Allen, I will gladly send him a FREE copy of my book. He did the right thing.

      My book specifically rebuts the positions taken by teacher Jay Bennish – because I have heard his arguments so many times before. My book tells the truth about capitalism, the War on Terror, and places them in historical perspective.

      In the book, my real-life son, twelve-year-old Anthony, time-travels into the great events of the 20th century. Digital photographic “magic” places Anthony in the cockpit of the Spirit of St. Louis with Charles Lindbergh, on the moon with Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, in the laboratories of Thomas Edison and Jonas Salk, and on Normandy beach on D-Day. It looks as though Anthony really did meet Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk, FDR, Lou Gehrig, Charles Lindbergh, and Audie Murphy. And it’s all historically accurate: Even Anthony’s conversations with America’s heroes are based on things they really said.

      While writing and photographing the book, I spoke with relatives of famous scientists and inventors, Holocaust survivors, award-winning biographers, and others who could help me ensure that the facts of the book were both accurate and vivid.

      But the book goes beyond a simple recitation of historical facts: the book presents the moral lessons of American history. The chapter about Lindbergh’s flight is really about choosing one’s destiny. The story of Lou Gehrig is one of a virtuous life. The chapter about Thomas Edison is really about business. The story of Apollo 11 is about wonder, taking risks, and courage. The story of Dr. Jonas Salk and the cure for polio is really about dedicating one’s life to a higher purpose. When Anthony “meets” his immigrant great-grandfather at Ellis Island in 1907, it’s really a story about what it means to be an American. Anthony’s observation of D-Day and the liberation of the death camps during the Holocaust is a testament to the reality of evil and the need to fight it.

      The book is meant to challenge the young reader. Many adults will find the book challenging, too. Anthony COMPARES the people and events of the past with the people and events of his own time. Anthony discusses the nature of good and evil, right and wrong, war and peace, what it means to be an American, honor and discipline, success and achievement, courage and destiny, marriage and family, God and purpose. Anthony’s observations prompt serious discussion of timeless moral questions. Anthony challenges the reader to think critically – to see the modern world in the light of the lessons of the past.

      We can’t afford to raise a generation of Americans who do not value their country, their heritage, and their place in the world. As Abraham Lincoln said: America is the “last best hope of earth.”

      Thank you.

      Michael S. Class
      Author / Photographer / Publisher

      Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame: An American History Book for Right-Thinking Parents and Their Children


      Web site:

    17. benning says:

      Bennish is a raving Communist. Not even a particularly smart one. So as far as indoctrinating the students, I would not want him an any teaching capacity in a tax-payer funded school. But he’s not competant enough to even teach communism.

      The guy’s a flake. He needs psychiatric care. Norah’s a Red, too. Shows in her terse little comment. Perhaps she’s trying for the steve-a-like position here?:-"

    18. CZ says:

      True story.

      I attended Catholic schools for twelve years. Benedictine Nuns and Christian Brothers. In 1968, my freshman year, the CB’s loaded their vans with graduate seniors and traveled to Chicago to protest at the August 1968 democRAT convention.

      Two years later the CB’s were gone. It was a mystery. Who knew? What happened?

      I found out years later that the CB’s got tossed by the bishop for trucking the grad students up to Chicago that summer. Turns out, one student was injured and arrested. The whole thing came out into the open.

      Lefties forwarding their agenda through school is nothing new. It takes parents who are alert and pro-active with teaching right and wrong to their children who will make a difference.


    19. AkaDad says:

      Want to hear what it sounds like to have a fanatical anti-America high school teacher trying to indoctrinate a classroom full of teenagers to hate America?

      Pointing out bad American policy does not equate to hating America.

      The above statement is just flat out false…:-w

    20. Severian says:

      Grossly exaggerating the US’s faults, and mentioning none of the benefits or good points isn’t teaching, it is hating America, and it is NOT what a teacher should be doing in a high school GEOGRAPHY class. It is biased, dishonest political indoctrination. Just because you happen to hate your own country and agree with it, akadad, doesn’t change what it is. The idiots statements on capitalism alone show him to be a complete idiot, and no doubt a communist to boot.

    21. AkaDad says:

      Grossly exaggerating the US’s faults, and mentioning none of the benefits or good points isn’t teaching, it is hating America,

      Until you show the I hate America quote, your simply wrong, and its slanderous to call someone an America hater, without any proof, whatsoever.

    22. steve says:

      The truth hurts. You can’t cure cancer until you know that you have it. This teacher was probably speaking about the Middle East, perhaps Iraq. Georgaphy includes how people live and what they do and how they think. It is the love of America and it’s promise that moves people to try to correct the wrongs of our society. If AkaDad was in charge we would still be in the condition of slavery. Peace

    23. Baklava says:

      Akadad wrote, “Pointing out bad American policy does not equate to hating America.

      Bennish said:

      Make sure you get these definitions down.

      Capitalism: If you don’t understand the economic system of capitalism, you don’t understand the world in which we live. Ok. Economic system in which all or most of the means of production, etc., are owned privately and operated in a somewhat competitive environment for the purpose of producing PROFIT! Of course, you can shorten these definitions down. Make sure you get the gist of it. Do you see how when, you know, when you’re looking at this definition, where does it say anything about capitalism is an economic system that will provide everyone in the world with the basic needs that they need? Is that a part of this system? Do you see how this economic system is at odds with humanity? At odds with caring and compassion? It’s at odds with human rights.

      AkaDad, is capitalism bad American policy?

      Do you know what the definition of capitalism and socialism really are. Off the top of my head:
      Capitalism – the economic system where the people choose who gets what resources.
      Socialism – the economic system where the government chooses who gets what resources.

      We have an economic system of capitalism but we also do have socialsim as well. But mostly capitalism. Due to that fact we are the most prosperous nation with a very low unemployment and/or average income compared to nations with socialism or communism. We are the most generous nation giving more in aid to other countries than all other countries combined. Our FEDERAL government levies taxes on this prosperous nation and collects up to 20% of GDP and spends more than 23% of GDP providing entitlements, social services, the defense of this nation, etc. States and Counties and cities levy even more taxes and provide education, police, fire, and even more services.

      While Bennish simply doesn’t teach the truth and acts like our system doesn’t take care of the poor and isn’t humane…. it’s the most humane. We have a hammock in this country (not a safety net) and that is sad because that means the safety net is diluted by able -bodied people. Diluted.

    24. Baklava says:

      Steve wrote, “This teacher was probably speaking about ….

      HA HA HA HA!

      You don’t even know what the teacher was speaking about? Why don’t you SPEND the energy due diligence required to read what he spoke about. ST linked to it.

      Oh. What a funny guy you are.

    25. AkaDad says:

      AkaDad, is capitalism bad American policy?

      I never said it was bad, and it’s irrelivant to my point.

      I’m sick and tired of Americans who criticize bad policy, being accused of hating America. Its nonsense.

    26. Baklava says:

      Akadad said, “I never said it was bad

      You said Bennish was simply pointing out bad american policy. And now you say you are sick and tired of Americans who criticize bad policy ….

      One point is clear. We are allowed to talk about it. And when you talked about it you said he was pointing out bad American policy. So I gave you an example of what he said and asked you is that bad american policy.

      Either it’s bad or it’s not. Either he was pointing out bad american policy or not. If you are going to be sick and tired about people criticizing him for pointing out bad american policy then not really think he was pointing out bad american policy then… why be sick and tired?

    27. CZ says:

      Is there is a difference between geography and geopolitics?

      I am not to judge IF he hates America or not.

      We need to extract fools like this from the public edumication system and hire real teachers, not extreme left activists with an agenda. I just learned this kook is still being paid because of the “union”.

      Teachers are paid to teach academics, not to brainwash young minds with one ideology or the other. That’s the parent’s choice.

      Another excellent case for school vouchers.



    28. AkaDad says:

      It doesn’t matter what my opinion is.

      He believes that these are bad policy, and he doesn’t hate America, just because he believes what he believes, to be unbelievable beliefs. :d

    29. sanity says:

      Was there ANYTHING in what that teacher said that made it seem like he supported america?

      What redeeming qualities did he teach or discuss about america?

      What does it say about him when he compares america to nazi germany?

      Yet, for something he seems to so despise, he lives in the US, he profits from the US, he enjoys US hospitality…ect.

      I will give him points for one thin gthugh, least he didn’t go to a foriegn country and talk crap about the US there. Least he had the guts to do it here in the US, but got caught by a student, and now he is being brought to task on how he teaches.

    30. sanity says:

      Akadad, hold on a sec.

      While I grant you we cannot say for certain whether he hates america, we can deduce by his statements what he seems to think and feel.

      What do you base your arguement that he doesn’t hate america on?

      How do you know he doesn’t hate america?

      What proof can you show us that he doesn’t?

    31. Severian says:

      Let’s see, a person who never has a good thing to say or think about you, who constantly denigrates and belittles you, who calls you unethical at best, heartless and a dictatorial fascist at worst, and who magnifies your every fault (as in, you’re not just 5-10 lbs overweight, but you’re a disgusting bloated hog), etc. Hmmm…sure sounds like that person just loooves you doesn’t it? Close enough to a definition of hate…

    32. AkaDad says:

      What do you base your arguement that he doesn’t hate america on?

      How do you know he doesn’t hate america?

      What proof can you show us that he doesn’t?

      It’s not on me to prove that. I didn’t post a blog saying he hates America.

      She shoudn’t make wild accusations about someone without any proof. Saying one hates their country without proof is unethical and wrong.

    33. sanity says:

      Topeka — A Kansas University professor’s disparaging remarks about Catholics and fundamentalist Christians have helped prop up a measure in the Legislature that supporters say will guarantee academic freedom.

      But critics of the resolution say it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and will stifle the freedom it ostensibly protects. They say government should butt out.

      The dispute is over what backers call the Academic Bill of Rights.

      Opponents point out that the resolution sprang from people and groups often critical of public education, and in particular those who have criticized KU for a recent incident involving religious studies professor Paul Mirecki.

      Rep. Brenda Landwehr, R-Wichita, a supporter of House Concurrent Resolution 5035, said Mirecki’s comments were part of the impetus pushing the measure forward.

      “The Paul Mirecki deal showed in detail what many of us have said for many years: Students are afraid to speak out because professors say, ‘It’s my way or the highway,'” Landwehr said.

      Read the rest of it here

      They are telling the Government to butt out of federally funded schools?

      Other states

      What supporters call the Academic Bill of Rights predates the Mirecki incident.

      In 2004 and 2005, 17 state legislatures considered similar proposals, according to the American Association of University Professors. The furthest the resolution has advanced is approval by the Georgia state Senate and the establishment of a committee to study the measure in Pennsylvania, according to the association.

      Kansas, Hawaii and New York are considering the proposal this year.

      The measure before Kansas lawmakers states faculty members should not use their courses or positions “for the purpose of political, ideological, religious or anti-religious indoctrination.”

      It also says faculty should expose students to viewpoints other than their own and that curricula, reading lists and the selection of speakers should promote intellectual pluralism. If adopted, the resolution would strongly recommend that every college and university in the state comply with its requirements.

      “Any professor worth their salt would enjoy having a good debate and discussions with their students” Landwehr said.

      Yes, DEBATE is the keyword, not a place of fear of speaking out for fear of retribution of the intsructor as we have seen and heard so many times before.

    34. sanity says:

      Akadad says, It’s not on me to prove that. I didn’t post a blog saying he hates America.

      She shoudn’t make wild accusations about someone without any proof. Saying one hates their country without proof is unethical and wrong.

      You are avoiding answering the question.

      We can make deductions based on what he has said and how he acts on what he feels and thinks.

      You say he doesn’t hate america, and I would like to know just how you have come to that conclusion.

    35. Severian says:

      Sounds a bit like akadad has a touch of guilty conscience about hating his country. Such sensitivity…:-? Proof, like “I hate my country” is that proof? People are judged by their words and actions, if I constantly rag on you and cut you down and belittle you at every opportunity, it’s a pretty sure bet that I don’t love you. If a person wants to not be labeled as a person who hates their country, perhaps acting like they don’t hate and loathe it would be a good start.

    36. AkaDad says:

      You say he doesn’t hate america, and I would like to know just how you have come to that conclusion.

      I criticize policies that I think hurt America, because I love America.

      Maybe he is doing the same.

    37. forest hunter says:

      Did the indoctrinator even answer one question this kid asked?

      Does that similar lack of tactic raging in steve Amenhotep IV echo in that classroom? Is this plague that has reached EVERY Federally funded institution a common strategy for the non-violent non-answer non compas mentos (forgive my sp) free speech anti-this and anti-that, supposed to be some sort of solution in its non-solution? Or do any of these jello for brains hate filled drones even have an answer, of any kind?

      If it walks and talks like a duck AkaDad, what else do you really need to determine that odds are its a duck. For me the excrement and stench displayed in that class was the closer and enough proof for me.

      He gives teachers a black eye, no. It’s far worse than that but you hide and watch. The union is going to be adding to the greasy slime belched out by that deceiver.

    38. Baklava says:

      AkaDad wrote, “It doesn’t matter what my opinion is

      In response to me asking, “AkaDad, is capitalism bad American policy?

      because AkaDad wrote, “Pointing out bad American policy does not equate to hating America.

      Your opinion may not matter :d but putting that aside my question was in response to your statement. So, I guess nobody needs to ever address your statements….

      AkaDad wrote, “I criticize policies that I think hurt America, because I love America. Maybe he is doing the same.

      Your opinion is again that you think he’s doing the same. So my question is AkaDad:
      Do you think Capitalism is bad policy?

      It doesn’t matter what Bennish thinks. It matters what you think because you are the one writing the statements that you think he is criticizing bad policy.

    39. steve says:

      Capitalism is a horrible economic system, especially the way that bush practices it. Capitalism seems to be interferring with the healthy operation of our republic these days. Too much money in politics, the wrong people buying our ports, oil cartels allowed to exist and many other bad activities. Capitalism requires a through investigation and possible corrective legislation. Peace

    40. Severian says:

      Yup, capitalism is a horrible system, except all the others are worse, and have proven time and again they fail miserably. And are not free from political corruption, in most cases they are worse, because the govt weenies know you have no where else to go to get anything, so you have to bribe them.

    41. forest hunter says:

      The ports have been sold! The ports have been sold! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! JOOOOOOOOOS! JOOOOOOOOOS! :((

      Can I get an Amen steve?

      You may have to get a job as soon as school lets out so you can continue supporting the habits you deem worthy, like eating and sech…..:o

    42. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      If the teacher had instead brought a Bible into the classroom or said a prayer, the ACLU, MSM and the rest of the Holy Jihad against Bushitlerism and Christianity would have had him publically beheaded.

    43. forest hunter says:

      AMEN Mwalimu Daudi !

    44. solitaire says:

      You know, this is just the beginning. The Bush presidency will go down in history as the biggest mistake the US public every made, and that will be uncontrollable by the few Bush apologists that are left. You can cry all you want about it, but the truth is that the people HATE him. I’m not talking just about what you like to call the “liberal scum”, but the average American, as they have been waking up to the lies that they bought into, resent the hell out of it. Republicans and independants alike are taking a second and third look at what Bush has been doing, not just saying, and the result will be quite evident in the 2006 elections. You know it, I know it and the American people know it.

    45. PCD says:

      solitaire, you are going to need serious mental help if you don’t start grasping reality. The Dems are going to lose seats in 06. Why? Because they are clueless Chicken Littles who have no plans other than “Tax and Spend More”, Ignore the Social Security crisis, but Raise taxes when the IOUs are due, and most of all “Cut and Run from the War on Terror” because they are afraid of standing up to angry Islamofascists.

    46. solitaire says:

      HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! That’s a good one PCD.

    47. Severian says:

      Another victim of BDS. You, solitaire, may hate him, but don’t assume that everyone else does. More and more people are beginning to hate the media and the Democrats though. After the ’06 elections you will find, I believe, that you are playing with yourself on this, once again, as per your namesake. Just because you have a paranoid, deep seated, illogical hatred of Bush, doesn’t mean everyone is that fanatical and illogical.

    48. tommy in nyc says:

      PCD DUDE where do you get your smoke from I mean I know a few dudes here in the city but you must be BLASTED if you think the Dems are going to lose seats in 06′. Make sure you hand over you e-mail address so we can make a business transaction bro.LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))

    49. PCD says:

      Tommy, you and solitaire have a problem. The both of you try to sell Bush Hate and have nothing else. You’ve lost 2 Presidential elections and the 02 elections running that play book. Guess you two are dumb enough to run into the brick wall again.

    50. tommy in nyc says:

      Shoot we’ll climb over it this time mark my words. It’s a done deal the ship called the G.O.P. is sinking homeboy. It’s a matter of time bro. Mark my words.

    51. PCD says:

      I will tommy. Do you like salt with your crow?

    52. Baklava says:

      Solitaire wrote, “people HATE him

      We can see that! They even make inaccurate/incorrect accusations due to the hate.

      Solitaire wrote, “and the result will be quite evident in the 2006 elections

      Maybe. You may be bleeting loud enough to enough sheep but the trend of the last decade is that more and more people are converting to conservativism due to the behavior and words of people like you and people in the legacy media. Conservatives recognize that Bush isn’t conservative so he has almost ZERO influence on the elections of 2006.

      PCD wrote, “and have nothing else

      Aint that the truth. No ideas. Nothing. Same ole same ole.

    53. sanity says:

      Curious about one thing though.

      Doesn’t Hillary have to win her re-election to NYC before she can run for president?

      If she does run for president, isn’t she abandoning her responsibilities to NYC? Only using it as a springboard? How will that sit for those that may or may not vote for her for re-election to senate?

      If she loses the re-election, will she or can she still run for president?

    54. tommy in nyc says:

      Sanity she’s running for the Senate not Mayor and she’ll win in a landslide here in the Sane Northeast. I don’t she’ll win against McCain or Giulani for that matter but if youse on the right put up some neo-con she’ll become our 44th president.

    55. sanity says:

      For thos eof you who just LOVE polls, here some on Hillary:

      Hillary Meter: 48% Say She’s Politically Liberal

      February 23, 2006–Support for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid remains near its lowest level of the past year.

      Today, just 28% of Americans say they would definitely vote for the former first lady while 41% would definitely vote against. That’s little changed from two weeks ago when just 27% said they would vote for Clinton.

      This is the first time ever that back-to-back surveys have found the number who would definitely vote against the New York Senator topped 40% (see trends).

      Still, 59% of Americans believe it is somewhat or very likely that she will be the Democrat’s nominee in 2008.

      Crosstabs are available for Premium Members.

      Senator Clinton is viewed as politically liberal by 48% of voters (up from 45% two weeks ago). Thirty-two percent (32%) see her as politically moderate.

      Collectively, today’s Hillary Meter places Senator Clinton a net 58 points to the left of the nation’s political center. That’s five points further to the left than two weeks ago.


      This Marist College Institute for Public Opinion poll of New York State reports:

      Hillary Clinton is the odds-on favorite in her re-election bid but faces a skeptical New York audience for a presidential run: Many of New York State’s registered voters say they like Senator Clinton more now than they did just a couple of years ago, and a majority plan to vote to re-elect her to the U.S. Senate this November. But when asked about her potential presidential candidacy in 2008, New Yorkers divide over whether they want to see her enter the presidential sweepstakes. Only 41% want to see her on the presidential campaign hustings compared with 49% who do not. Although 59% believe she will run in 2008, most New Yorkers think she would face an uphill fight that she is not likely to win. 51% of voters also believe that Senator Clinton will be treated more harshly than her competitors in a campaign for the White House.

      Specific NYC Poll

      Just some physical perpective through polling I suppose.

      Again, as Baklava says, polling can be scewed for the results, but visit the sites and look at the questions and breakdowns and judge for yourself.

    56. PCD says:

      tommy, two words, “Clinton Fatigue”. People are tired of their constant lying and being a pair of shysters. She’s DOA if she’s nominated and most of your party leaders know it but are too afraid of far left wingers like you to say so.

    57. steve says:

      Mr. Bennish taught Social Studies and American History and not Biology???? Bringing up bush was fine. bush and Hitler both invaded a country. Hitler and bush both believe that their world vies was/is the only acceptable one. They are/were both wrong. All of those are comparisons between the two and are true. Peace

    58. Severian says:

      Wrong again steve, Bennish was teaching world geography. All comparisons of you to a bag full of hammers or a colony of cherrystone clams are true. Peace through superior firepower.

    59. forest hunter says:

      =)) Severian! Thanks for that cherrystone clam analogy! One of my students just googled it and we’ve discovered how widespread they are.

    60. CB Howell says:

      Two comments here:

      Steve said:

      “Capitalism is a horrible economic system, especially the way that bush practices it. Capitalism seems to be interferring with the healthy operation of our republic these days. Too much money in politics, the wrong people buying our ports, oil cartels allowed to exist and many other bad activities. Capitalism requires a through investigation and possible corrective legislation.”

      I gotta disagree with you here my friend. That’s like saying ban guns because they kill people. Rediculous. The problem is this “individualistic” nature our society has shifted towards. Too much emphasis is placed on the gain of materialistic ideals and too little emphasis is placed on philanthropic ideals. Not to say that philanthropy is dead…just on the decline. Americans are most benevolent, giving peoples in (I would argue) human history and that is why our system of capitolism has worked so well. That, has been the great equalizer between the have’s and have not’s.

      The alarming issue however, is that over the past few decades, the idea of philanthropy has diminished in our culture only to be replaced with a creeping sensation of the “get everything you can; for he who dies with the most wins” mentality. The Lou Gherigs and Mickey Mantles have been replaced by Dennis Rhodman and Kobe Bryiant. (Not to pick on basketball…I could have easily named more than a few stars that testified (lied) to congress last summer.)

      Although the majority of Americans are good benevolent people, for some reason these values simply aren’t represented relative to their prevelence….whether it be in our media, entertainment, sports, or in many cases, our leaders. Fear not though, the Americans are just napping and sooner (rather than later) the true spirit that founded this country will roar like the fires of the Phoenix!

      Second:CZ Said (as well as others in one form or another.)

      “Teachers are paid to teach academics, not to brainwash young minds with one ideology or the other.”

      I agree whole heartedly. The last thing I want is some fanatic spewing political hate or some other rediculous thing like the theory of creative design to my children in the classroom.

    61. steve says:

      hunter,you teach young people? That is very bad news. Peace

    62. sanity says:

      steve you have no idea what hunter is like or what his teaching style is.

      Your little quips and one liners merit nothing and add nothing.

      If you trully wanted to know, without degrading someone like you just did, you would ask what he teaches, or how he teaches.

      But stuck in the other-world you seem to occupy, peace and love, chimes, and little fairies that float around your head….it doesn’t occur to you to actually ask real questions or inquire of things without putting someone down, or attacking anything and everyone associated with this administration as un-american, traitorous, evil, warmongers.

      Looking back, I really can’t say I have read anything positive that has come from you at all.

      And that steve, is the essense of the Democrat party….I have not seen or heard anything positive come from them either….in many years.

      And I think the public is getting fed up with it.

    63. forest hunter says:

      \:d/ Is anyone else having difficulties activating the various posts an ST’s site? I have to keep hitting the refresh button.

    64. forest hunter says:

      Sanity, as part of my teaching tools mentioned earlier, you can’t find better humor or examples of hypocrisy, in the questions asked about the steves of the various sites. The “from out of the mouths of babes” questions are absolutely amazing. =))

    65. It’s a hard issue to fix. I heard a *lot* of hyperbolic anti-Clinton rants during the few years I was in private school in the 90s. As the years progressed, I learned a number of them were out-of-context or just plain untrue.

      I’m still not a fan of Clinton; but it’s hard to get too bent out of shape about this when you know that, regardless of a President, some teacher is abusing their power with this sort of garbage

    66. sanity says:

      Teacher re-instated.

      A Cherry Creek social studies teacher will not lose his job, after a student went public with a tape recording of controversial comments the teacher had made in class.

      Superintendent Monte C. Moses said Jay Bennish will be reinstated to his job at Overland High School, and will be teaching on Monday.


      Bennish had cited “eerie similarities” between Bush’s State of the Union address and “things that Adolf Hitler used to say.”

      Today in Washington, President Bush was asked about the Bennish controversy.

      “I think people should be allowed to criticize me all they want. And they do,” Bush said.

      Governor Bill Owens released a statement this afternoon about the board’s decision.

      “My first thought is to thank Sean Allen for standing up and voicing his concern over a teacher who was using his classroom as a political soapbox. Second, I hope that Mr. Bennish will learn something from this and actually work to balance and improve his classroom presentation” said Owens, in the statement.