Is there a civil war going on in Iraq?

Posted by: ST on March 5, 2006 at 8:39 pm

After the golden dome blast in Iraq back on February 23rd, the media focused on rising violence in Iraq and speculated on whether or not a full-fledged civil war was taking place in Iraq. Ralph Peters, writing in the New York post today, tries to answer that question:

I’m trying. I’ve been trying all week. The other day, I drove another 30 miles or so on the streets and alleys of Baghdad. I’m looking for the civil war that The New York Times declared. And I just can’t find it.

Maybe actually being on the ground in Iraq prevents me from seeing it. Perhaps the view’s clearer from Manhattan. It could be that my background as an intelligence officer didn’t give me the right skills.

And riding around with the U.S. Army, looking at things first-hand, is certainly a technique to which The New York Times wouldn’t stoop in such an hour of crisis.

Let me tell you what I saw anyway. Rolling with the “instant Infantry” gunners of the 1st Platoon of Bravo Battery, 4-320 Field Artillery, I saw children and teenagers in a Shia slum jumping up and down and cheering our troops as they drove by. Cheering our troops.

All day – and it was a long day – we drove through Shia and Sunni neighborhoods. Everywhere, the reception was warm. No violence. None.

And no hostility toward our troops. Iraqis went out of their way to tell us we were welcome.

Instead of a civil war, something very different happened because of the bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra. The fanatic attempt to stir up Sunni-vs.-Shia strife, and the subsequent spate of violent attacks, caused popular support for the U.S. presence to spike upward.

Make sure to read the whole thing. Is the media trumping up the charges of a vast ‘civil war’ in Iraq?

General George Casey via teleconference in Iraq has said essentially the same thing as Peters – that there is no ‘civil war’ in Iraq. Unfortunately, as Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette writes, there is a disconnect between what General Casey asserted and how the media are reporting his comments. Surprise surprise.

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    1. forest hunter says:

      It won’ be long now. Rumor has it that pretty soon there’s going to an actual news outbreak coming from the MSM :o

    2. sanity says:

      If there was a civil war going on, the MSM would have it on every front page out there.

      *shakes head*

      When did the MSM become ghoulish?

      They would dig up graves if they could for stories.

      Wasn’t long ago that they went to court so they could take pictures of the bodies of the dead soldiers that have come back.

      So nothing really suprises me at the depths that they will sink to try and make, report or become the news of the day.

    3. benning says:

      forest, you’re dreaming! A news outbreak? Sheesh! There’s no such thing!

      sanity, you know these creeps will do whatever it takes to follow the meme. Whatever it takes!

    4. – No. –

      – Bang **==

    5. camojack says:

      Once upon a time the outdated (formerly known as “mainstream”) media reported on events of the day.

      Now they attempt to influence them. :-w

    6. Lorica says:

      I agree with Bang. NO there is no civil war going on in Iraq. In fact I think that the destruction of the Golden Mosque was the enemy overplaying his hand. I think they are on their last leg. – Lorica

    7. steve says:

      OK, you win there is no civil war and the Iraqi security forces are able to control the ground. It’s time to leave. Right now before a civil war does break out and alot more Americans get killed. Support the troops, leave Iraq today. Peace

    8. sanity says:

      No steve.

      Support the troops and let them finish the mission they are there for.

      You don’t leave right in the middle of something and do a half-assed job.

      The plan was as we get more of the Iraqis trained and in place the more we can start withdrawing our troops.

      If I remember it right, it was 3 Iraqi battalions will allow 1 US battalion to withdraw and come home.

      Beleive it or not, there was and still is a plan for withdrawl of hte troops. No matter how much the papers keep trying to publish wrong dates and information on withdrawl.

    9. Severian says:

      Reports out of Iraq have been interesting. Since this happened, the Sunni’s, who have long been the heart of the Iraqi part of the anti-US insurgency, are screaming that the US can’t leave, we’ve got to stay and protect them!!! The Shia are more interested in us leaving, the more radical ones, so they can finish killing all the Sunni’s, but the moderate Shia leaders want us there to help enforce the peace while they try and get their kit together.

      Most of the trouble lately has been coming from Iran’s pawn, Al Sadr, who should have been exterminated 2 years ago. Once again, we’re paying the price for pussy footing around and not slamming the iron fist down when we should have.

      The terrorists are playing a tight game, they do more and more extreme and violent attacks, but it’s a gamble as to whether they will make the collective Democrats and liberal whiners wet their pants enough for us to pull out before the rest of the Iraqi’s get so pissed over it all that they get together and exterminate the insurgents themselves. They certainly aren’t winning hearts and minds among the local population, the more of this kind f attack they do, the more the general population turns on them and turns them in. Given our history, I think they feel we will bail before the Iraqi’s get their kit together, and I’m not sure they’re wrong sadly.

    10. sanity says:

      Good analysis Severian.

      I still say the mosque bombing was work of Syrian and/or Iranian agents. It helps both Syria and Iran to have Iraq in turmoil.

      If Iran can cause enough problems and big enough news like a civil war, then all eyes will be off them and thier nuclear ambitions.

    11. Baklava says:

      Murtha’s meltdown on this subject

      Powerline’s writeup on Murtha’s meltdown

    12. sanity says:

      Yeah saw that Baklava.

      I think Murtha is turning out to be the Jimmy Carter of Senators…

      Murtha calling an active duty MARINE general a liar on national TV, and still putting forth inaccurate and wrong facts about the war.

      SCHIEFFER: Now I’m going to make sure I understand. I mean, I think I understand what you’re saying, but you’re talking about a Marine and here you are an ex-Marine. This is a military man. This is not—this is not somebody, some civilian out there at the Pentagon. You’re saying you no longer believe what Marine General Peter Pace says when he says he thinks things are going well.

      Rep. MURTHA: That’s exactly right. Why would I believe him with all the misstatements and mischaracterizations they’ve made over the last two years? And the public is way ahead of what’s going on in Washington. They no longer believe. The troops themselves, 70 percent of the troops said, `We want to come home within a year.’ The only solution to this is redeploy. Let me tell you, the only people who want us in Iraq is Iran and al-Qaeda….

      Courtesy of Expose the Left

      Quote from Powerline:

      It’s rather remarkable that a sitting United States Congressman would play so fast and loose with the facts, especially in the context of accusing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of being a liar. Pretty much every “fact” that Murtha hysterically tossed out is wrong.

      Gateway Pundit says Murtha spit out 9 lies in 90 seconds…

      1.) There’s no al-Qaeda connection!…

      Truth- THE FORMER IRAQI REGIME OF Saddam Hussein trained thousands of radical Islamic terrorists from the region at camps in Iraq over the four years immediately preceding the U.S. invasion.

      2.) We’ve made no progress at all.

      Truth: Murtha has repeated this lie so often. See USAID-Iraq

      3.) Sixty percent unemployment.

      Truth- Try 18 to 28 percent. (2/28/06)

      4.) The Iraqis want us out of there.

      Truth- It’s not even a top three concern of Iraqis, neither is security.

      5.) Eighty percent of the Iraqis want us out of there.
      (Murtha continues to take his numbers from one bogus isolated poll.)

      6.) But they’re in a situation where they’re caught in a civil war.

      Truth- “You Don’t Say!”

      Iraqi police deaths, Iraqi civilian deaths, and US military deaths were down in February, Murtha’s civil war month.

      7.) So I don’t believe the secretary…We’re caught in a civil war.

      Truth- “Dude, Where’s my Civil War?”

      8.) Water production, only 30% of people are getting water.

      Truth- USAID has restored water treatment to 4 million urban Iraqis and sewage treatment to 4.4 million.

      9.) We’ve lost almost 20,000 people in this war, if you count the casualties and the people who’ve been killed in the three years.

      Truth- It will be three years of War in Iraq this month. The US has lost 2,300 brave men and women in the war. This is historically the lowest number of fatalities the US has seen in any of its major wars. Therefore, look for democrats like Murtha to taint the outstanding job of our military men and women by including casualties in their body counts, a sinister way to slant the truth.

      Oh,… And, here is one for Bob Schieffer on Murtha- “He was a hawk on Iraq.”

      Truth- Murtha has spoken out consistently against the Iraq War.

      Read the rest of it here.

      Glenn Reynolds has more on this also.

    13. Jim M says:

      The Liberals and the MSM have tried a lot to show the war in Iraq as Illegal, Illegitimate, Blood for oil, A Quagmire, Not enough Troops, Bush’s War and so on and so on. So should we be surprised with this “Civil War” the MSM have drummed up to further turn the American public’s opinion against the war on terror? Just because John Murtha was a Marine who cares so was Lee Harvey Oswald!!!!

    14. – The biggest lie of all that runs through all of the public mental breakdowns of the Liberal “Clown crew” is the words “Americans all agree…. The majority of Americans think….. Americans everywhere believe…Americans unaimously agree… The majority of Americans demand….” ect ect.

      – Kennedrunk, Pelosi, Reid, Dean, and alGore love to use those phrases in their screech fests, and aside from all of the unhinged “hate Bush” nattering and feckless fabrications, those are the ones that will come back to bite them the hardest in 2006 and 2008.

      – All of these partisan hacks seem to continually forget nothing angers an American more than being told what he/she thinks, and worst when its an outright lie. The face of a once proud party in the throes of desperate tactics in order to regain power.

      – You live by the lie, you die by the lie.

      – Bang **==

    15. steve says:

      Duke Cunningham was a marine and a Republican. The plan for Iraq keeps changing and that is why 70% of smart Americans want out. At this point only the Zionists,Armageddonists and Wahhabists want US to stay in Iraq and destroy our military. Peace

    16. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      At this point only the Zionists,Armageddonists and Wahhabists want US to stay in Iraq and destroy our military.

      Ah, those dasterdly Jews are at it again! Too bad Ol’ Shickelgruber didn’t finish them off back in the ’40s.

    17. sanity says:

      U.S. officials say roadside bomb attacks against American forces in Iraq have become much more deadly as more and more of the Iran-designed and Iran-produced bombs have been smuggled in from the country since last October.

      “I think the evidence is strong that the Iranian government is making these IEDs, and the Iranian government is sending them across the border and they are killing U.S. troops once they get there,” says Richard Clarke, former White House counterterrorism chief and an ABC News consultant. “I think it’s very hard to escape the conclusion that, in all probability, the Iranian government is knowingly killing U.S. troops.”

      U.S. intelligence officials say Iran is using the bombs as a way to drive up U.S. casualties in Iraq but without provoking a direct confrontation.


    18. steve says:

      All Jews are not Zionists. Most Jews are semites. The leadership of the Zionists is Ashkenazi. Some Arabs are Jews but, they are not Zionists. The issue here is the warlike tendancies of the ashkenazi Zionists not the Jews. Jews have been in the world for almost 7000 years. The Zionists have been in the world for 100 years. In order to make good decisions one needs all the information. Peace

    19. Lorica says:

      Didn’t the Jewish religion begin with Abraham??? Then really get underway with the giving of the law and Moses?? If this is truthful information, Abraham was alive only 4100 – 4200 years ago. Your about 3000 years off there Steve. – Lorica