Democrats unveil their “real security” plan

Posted by: ST on March 30, 2006 at 11:12 am

Yesterday, the Democrats released their official “Real Security” agenda, which promises to “protect America” and “restore our leadership in the world.”

Give it a look see – I’m printing it out to read a little bit later.

In the meantime, Gateway Pundit has a few questions to Democrats on their “Real Security” agenda. Dafydd at Big Lizards examines the agenda in depth and finds it lacking (see here and here).

PM Update 9:15 PM ET: LOL – perfect! :)

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    1. CavalierX says:

      Well, it boils down to: “We have a plan to do everything Bush is actually doing, only it’ll work better when we do it. Oh, and we’ll impeach Bush and bug out of Iraq.” Oh, yeah… that was worth waiting four-and-a-half years into the War on Terror to hear.

    2. Jim M says:

      After reading The Democratic Plan LMAO This is a joke right? This has to be from The Onion right? Or maybe Strangecosmos?

    3. CZ says:

      No Jim M, it came from John “Swifty” Kerry. It was his same plan. What could be funnier?

    4. steve says:

      The Rightwing-nuts aren’t going to vote for the Democrats anyway, so who really cares what they think? Actually, all you have to do is look around you and see the fine mess we Americans are in because of the failed Republican policies. The point here is that in order to get the Left onboard the troops must be out of Iraq, totally, by the end of this year, the Defense budget must be cut by $225 billion in 2007, the Patriot Act must be junked and the tax cuts for the rich need to be allowed to expire. Peace

    5. Lorica says:

      LOL Well Steve since the Dems in congress just voted to reinstate the Patriot act you are abit late on that one. I agree with you Steve, we can cut Nasa out of the budget, we don’t need them anymore, and we can cut our highways out of the defense budget. Bada Bing!!! I love the Republican revolution in this country. It amazes me how the people have come together in the Republican party for the good of the United States. I do so believe that we are going to do well in 06. Especially since the Dems, proven above, really don’t have a plan, or a clue. – Lorica

    6. Jim M says:

      Hey Steve(FN) I would vote for Zell Miller and he is a Democrat. He thinks logically which is something that has evaded most Democrats especially you.


    7. Jim M says:

      Lorica, the Republicans have acted like Democrats as far as the spending goes they (Republicans) have lost there way instead of smaller Government and cutting taxes they are spending and spending and increasing government they have lost trying to appease the left (Compassionate Conservatism). Once again looking at history Nixon tried to be liked by the left in this country and they turned on him with a vengeance. During that time just look at what was happening in the world the implosion in south East Asia, Dictators executing their people and Communism advancing Wow was the left right or were conservatives wrong in trying to appease the left? This is why I love History the liberals have been on the wrong side since before this country was formed and that has not changed. Even thought there have been attempts at changing history to twist it in the lefts favor but thanks to historians that won’t happen at lest in my time. This is one of the reasons I have had more in common with the Libertarian Party.

    8. Dave in CO says:

      You see, here is a fundamental difference between the Left and Conservatives. We Conservatives are critical of the Republican Party because we see them acting in opposition to conservative values and principles. But the Left has no principles or values, just tactics. If you read the link, you will see where they took a poll and “discovered” that the American People (ie, voters) value national security. Well, whatdayaknow? Suddenly, the Doncs are all about national security. No specifics, mind you. Don’t want to be pinned down to an actual plan. Better to remain vague and imprecise, the better to react to the next poll.

      Simple question: whom would you put in place to keep your family safe? steve (peas and carrots) and Pelosi/Reid, or camojack and Bush/Cheney? The former would sell you out in a heart beat if it meant another percentage point in the polls. The latter keeps you sleeping safely nights. Count on it.

    9. steve says:

      You don’t feel “sold out”, yet Dave. Man, your slow to learn. bush has added $3 trillion to the national debt, thats a 47% increase. bush is DOWN 6.6 million jobs off a rather mild recession compared to past history. bush has allowed average income to fall 4.5%, from $46,500 to $44,500. 7 million fewer people now have health care coverage. Real wages have fallen 1.2%, in the past year. There is a war in Iraq costing every taxpayer $2 billion a week. The Defense budget has increased 45%. There is much, much more. Peace

    10. sanity says:

      all doom and gloom steve.

      trouble is your figures are incorrect.

      but least you acknowledged the recession, and now will you acknowledge where it came from?

    11. steve says:

      Which of those “facts” is wrong sanity? Careful. Isn’t it time that we all started living in the real world? Not this fantasy that bush and Cheney keep telling us about. Peace

    12. sanity says:

      Economic Growth Continues
      Almost 5 Million Jobs Created Since August 2003

      Today, The Government Released New Jobs Figures – 243,000 Jobs Created In February. The economy created 243,000 jobs in February and has created about 2.1 million jobs over the past 12 months – and almost 5 million since August 2003. The unemployment rate is 4.8 percent – lower than the average of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

      The Economy Is Strong And Continues To Grow

      GDP Growth Is Strong. Real GDP increased 3.5 percent in 2005, and growth was revised up from an original estimate of 1.1 percent to a 1.6 percent annual rate for the fourth quarter of 2005. The economy has been growing for 17 straight quarters, and the composite index of leading indicators increased 1.1 percent in January, indicating continued economic growth. In the last five years, the President’s tax relief has helped spur growth by keeping $880 billion in the hands of the American people. The Administration has reduced the growth of non-security discretionary spending every year since 2001, and at the President’s request, Congress cut this spending last year.

      State Unemployment Rates Fall.
      As of January, the unemployment rate is now at a record low in five states: Nevada, Florida, West Virginia, Montana, and Idaho. Over the past year, unemployment rates have decreased in 46 states.

      Incomes Increase.
      Real disposable incomes have risen 2.2 percent over the past 12 months. Since January 2001, real after-tax income per person has risen 8.2 percent. Real household net worth is at an all-time high of $51.1 trillion, and the median net worth of American households rose 1.5 percent between 2001 and 2004.

      Retail Sales Rise.
      Nominal retail sales rose 2.3 percent in January and are up 8.8 percent over the past 12 months. In January, real consumer spending posted a solid 0.4 percent gain and increased 3.6 percent over the past year.

      Service Sector Grows.
      The ISM reports non-manufacturing business activity grew for the 35th consecutive month in February. The ISM’s business activity index reading of 60.1 indicates continued sector growth.

      Productivity Growth Continues.
      During the past four quarters, productivity has increased 2.5 percent. Productivity has grown at a 3.4 percent annual rate since the business-cycle peak in the first quarter of 2001.

      Housing Starts Reach Highest Level In Over 30 Years.
      Housing starts in January totaled a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 2.276 million units – up 14.5 percent from December and the highest level in over 30 years.


      Unemployment Rate:
      4.8% in Feb 2006

      Payroll Employment:
      +243,000(p) in Feb 2006

      Average Hourly Earnings:
      +$0.05(p) in Feb 2006

      The Defense budget has increased 45%.

      Time of War. You expect him to cut the Defense budget while we have troops elsewhere? Yes, now you can rant your rave about bring troops home again steve.

      average income to fall 4.5%, from $46,500 to $44,500.

      That is an average income?
      Hell I must be poor then.
      By the way, how the heck does Bush control what companies pay you? Answer me that?

      7 million fewer people now have health care coverage.

      Again, how does the President force companies to add health insurance or add more. How about you put blame were it belongs, illegal immigrants help make health costs more expensive, increased litigation keeps health costs more expensive, health care insurances also make it more expensive.

      Do you advocate cutting (losing workers) jobs, to be able to afford health insurance for workers?

      Again, these are companies, do you advocate the Government be more involved in the private sector than it already is? Big Brother indeed.

      There is a war in Iraq costing every taxpayer $2 billion a week.

      Wow, ST, can I get a loan from you, 2 billion a week out of just MY paycheck will not allow me ot pay rent anymore.

      I have added links to sources I used for statistics, now spill yours steve. Don’t just come in here and spew and not back it up with proof. So out with it.

    13. Dave in CO says:

      With apologies to Mark Twain, “Lies, damn lies, and everything steve says”. peas and carrots