Three explosions blast Dahab, Egypt

Posted by: ST on April 24, 2006 at 4:54 pm

At least 18 are dead and over 150 injured. Via AP:

CAIRO, Egypt — Three explosions Monday night rocked the Egyptian resort city of Dahab at the height of the tourist season, killing at least 18 people and wounding more than 150 at just one hotel, according to the doctor who runs Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula rescue squad.

Dr. Said Essa said he was headed to the scene of the blasts and that his casualty figures were for victims at the el-Khaleeg Hotel only. He said there were casualties at the scene of the other blasts, but he had no details.

Al-Jazeera television said one of the explosions hit a restaurant.

There have been a string of attacks in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula over 18 months, including deadly Al Qaeda-style bombings in the Egyptian resorts of Taba and Ras Shitan in October 2004 and in Sharm el-Sheik in July.

Just who is claiming responsibility for this wave of terrorist attacks?

Groups claiming links to Al Qaeda took responsibility for those attacks, and Egyptian authorities say new Islamic militant groups have arisen in the peninsula — but they are still trying to determine if they have any real connection to Al Qaeda or other international terrorists.

My money would be on “yes, they do.”

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13 Responses to “Three explosions blast Dahab, Egypt”


  1. Severian says:

    Another example of how Islam is a “religion of peace.” :(

    AQ and their allies are continuing to win friends and influence people throughout the Middle East. But have no fear, the Imam’s in their mosques will have the locals believing it was the Zionists, the US, and Israeli’s that did it, not their fellow “brother” muslims.

  2. CJ says:

    Hmmm…connections…I’d say YES!! Last time I checked Dahab was lacking the Home Depot explosive stores. When will these countries realize the enemy that lives among them.:-w

  3. steve says:

    This was al qaeda’s response to the Hamas statement of yesterday in which they condemned the philosophy of al qaeda. Hamas is the creation of the Eqyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Israel. Zawahri, was a high level Brotherhood member until he was kicked out after assassinating Sadat. He and bin laden got together and the rest everybody knows. bin laden is a Wahabbist and they are the people who invented radical Islam in 1776. Aramahjen of Iran, is attacking Zionism, not Israel. Peace

  4. sanity says:

    Senator Stupid Statement of the Day goes to…….

    Kerry idiotically and moronically says:

    JOHN KERRY: But there is no excuse three and a half years later for American troops to be driving by IEDs and getting blown up. Are you telling me that they can’t drive a truck?


    You think the troops are off-road driving?

    Does he stupidly think the terrorists aren’t HIDING the bombs in the roads? That our troops are committing suicide by seeing them and driving over them anyways?

    I am sorry Kerry, your words are plain stupid, it is too bad that our troops can’t be chauffered around like you, but our troops actually WORK for a living.


    Sorry, nothing pisses me off more than stupid statements forom anyone in our government concerning our troops who are putting themselves in harms way while they sit back and have their lattes.

    And before you try and say isn’t that what I am doing, I served my time in the US Army years ago.

  5. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Sanity, since John Kerry thinks American soldiers are war criminals, you would expect him to be thrilled with the bodycount. There is no pleasing this guy!

  6. – John Wilkes Kerry – His writers were clever the other day in the way he talked out of both sides of his lurchmouth defending McCarthy. But not quite clever enough. At some point in the future, as the story comes out, he may be called upon to explain why he believes espionage is “brave”.

    – Bang **==

  7. Ryan says:

    Ahh, so he’s attacking Zionism.. that makes destroying Israel ok. I get it. Peace.

  8. sanity says:

    There was another, (dont have time to look him up for the name and link) but he gave classified information on Iran (a potential enemy) to Israel (an Ally) and he got sentenced under the Espionage Act to 13 years in Prison.

    Why should McCarthy get any less?

    She broke the law same as this other person did.

    If Democrats really stick up for the little guy, really stick up for the law, then they should get behind the law and make sure it applies to EVERYONE, not just to who is politically expedient.

    If McCarthy broke the law, she should be tried and jailed. If, the news reporters KNEW this was classified material and they still printed it, there is no 1st amendment right on this, you are publishing classified information, and you should be tried and jailed along with her.

    It is not up to McCarthy, it is not up to the press to de-classify information. If they do so without permission, then they should be tried and jailed.

  9. PCD says:

    Sanity, you are thinking of Michael Pollard.

    steve(FS), why do you even think killing Jews and destroying Israel will bring any kind of peace, you hater.

  10. steve says:

    I love the Jews, Ashkenazi and Semite alike, and Israel has every right to exist, but I strongly condemn the Zionist concepts of retribution and violence. Peace

  11. PCD says:

    steve(FSMB) what you condemn is Israel protecting itself from rabid animal Islamofascists who don’t want peace, and neither do you.

  12. Ryan says:

    Israel has a right to exist, but in steve’s world, they cannot defend themselves. It’s better to be erased from existance than to fight back because it fits into steve’s warped ideas of non-violence.

  13. Baklava says:

    Nope. When the surronding Arabs started each of the wars, Israel should’ve done nothing but let more blood shed. The 6 or 7 day war should’ve been the war to the end of Israel.

    Even more peace.