Iraqi girl saves American troops

Posted by: ST on June 11, 2006 at 7:12 pm

Read this story about a young Iraqi child who kept a group of Marines out of harms way by pointing out to them a nearby road mine. Your eyes will well up with tears when you’re done reading it.

Thanks to ST reader Mwalimu Daudi for the tip.

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  • 4 Responses to “Iraqi girl saves American troops”


    1. benning says:

      Very nice story! Keep her identity secret! The MSM would sell her out! Sh’es obviously a fascist plant of the American Hegemonic Tyrants!

    2. blogagog says:

      Good news indeed!

    3. NC Cop says:

      Great story!! You would not believe how many incidents of Iraqis warning U.S. troops of danger occur over there! You will never read anything about it though, shocking isn’t it?!

      There is a great site: that was cofounded by actor Gary Sinise. It organizes and sends school supplies to US troops to hand out to Iraqi children. It’s got some great pics and a wonderful story about the dedication of a new school built by US forces. If you get a chance, check out the site. I’m going to try and organize some sort of drive in my area.

      Of course you won’t see much about it on the news because as Chris Matthews stated: “Wars aren’t about building schools……”, what a lowlife.