LA Times: Don’t blame Katrina victims for misusing FEMA money

Posted by: ST on June 17, 2006 at 9:14 pm

ROFL! Consider the source:

A hurricane of fraud?
FEMA did mismanage Katrina relief, but it’s wrong to blame victims for spending irresponsibly.

MOVE OVER, RECKLESS CONSUMERS. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has outdone your irresponsible spending by racking up a debit card bill so outrageous it could have been created using Mad Libs. Sex-change operations, vacations to the Dominican Republic and wild nights at strip clubs were all bought on the government’s dime by both con artists and legitimate victims of Hurricane Katrina. But try to keep that knee from jerking — although FEMA’s oversight was lacking, wasted money is an inevitable byproduct of providing rapid emergency assistance.


It’s easy, and necessary, to criticize FEMA’s across-the-board incompetence in responding to the largest displacement of Americans since the Civil War. But obsessing about the spending habits of refugees comes perilously close to blaming the victim.

This is hysterical. So victims of a hurricane should be given a free pass on misusing the money they were supposed to be using on essentials just because FEMA didn’t catch what they were doing? Yes, FEMA deserves some criticism for falling down on the job but does SOME blame not fall on the people who rec’d the money for spending it the way they did in the first place? This editorial is classic liberal jibberish: “Stop picking on the poor! It’s not THEIR fault that they spend money on things they shouldn’t!”

Update I: McQ writes:

This is just nonsense on a stick. Those that used the money for things like vacations, strip clubs and sex change operations weren’t “victims”. They are crooks. And the LA Times should know better than to try to cast crooks as “victims”.

True – by making them out to be “victims” the LAT has conveniently absolved them of any responsibility. A page right out of the Democratic playbook.

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10 Responses to “LA Times: Don’t blame Katrina victims for misusing FEMA money”


  1. stackja1945 says:

    Smart poor meet gullible MSM?

  2. Carl says:

    I’ve made mention of this on some other blogs and decided to mention it here as well. The fraud that the government is having hearings on was predicted well in advance by both FEMA and the MSM. The urgency of the situation and the speed in which the moneys were distributed made it very difficult for FEMA (which stands for “Fix Everything My Ass”) to make sure people were legitimately qualified for the money. This fraud comes as no surprise and the fault lies with not only FEMA but obviously with the perps who committed the fraud. However all that will result in the congressional hearings will be a bunch of new stringent rules placed on FEMA which will slow distribution of funds to such a crawl that when the next major hurricane hits, people won’t be able to get emergency funds for months. And what will happen? The MSM will jump on that story forcing congresscritters to hold MORE hearings on why FEMA can’t get the money out quicker. It’s “damned if you you and damned if you don’t.” :-w

  3. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Don’t blame Osama bin Laden – it’s all Bush’s fault! Don’t blame Hitler – it’s all the Jews’ fault! And don’t blame the MSM – it’s all the fault of those who did not conform to “inaccurate but true”!

    Got it? :d

  4. =)) You nailed it, MD!

  5. benning says:

    Gosh, I think it’s my fault! I bought some M&Ms the other day! Don’t tell the MSM!

    Ahhh, L.A.: Home of the Perpetual Loon!

  6. Severian says:

    Well, let’s see if we can decypher the usual liberal mindset here:

    “Well, you see, they were mostly poor and minoities, and you can’t expect people like that to really behave like responsible adults. It’s all our fault for oppressing them for years, so you really can’t expect them to look after themselves and make good decisions. It’s all the fault of white males who have dominated culture for centuries and repressed these people.”

    There, white guilt, racial politics, and the “soft” racism the liberals are so fond of, all wrapped up in one place! Just more of the “you can’t expect them to act responsibly” and “you can’t expect them to learn” etc. etc. etc. that we hear every single day to excuse the most reprehensible types of behavior.

    And FEMA, being a govt organization, will get blamed no matter what they do, particularly in a Republican administration. Either they aren’t throwing money at things fast enough, or they are giving too much money and not controlling it. It is, like just about everything the government gets involved with, a fiasco. And these are the same people who want the government responsible for all health care.

  7. Ryan says:

    Nobody’s responsible for anything these days.

    On a side note – if you can find the clip of Celine Dion from Larry King where she was talking about Hurricane Katrina give it a listen. It’s priceless :)

  8. Americans are a sordid lot. Now imagine what would happen once Hillary Clinton implements her health care plan – is she still working on that? Already creaking under the strain of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, the U.S. treasury would collapse under the load of sickness and handouts that the saving grace of universal healthcare would encourage.

    “First I thought George Bush was the problem. Then I thought my local elected leaders were the problem. Then I realized the problem is us.” —Outraged Richard

  9. FYI, several off topic posts were moved into today’s open thread. Please continue the discussion that Alex tried to sidetrack this thread with there.